Let’s roll….

It is said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step.And most of  the times it is that one step that we do not take and watch life as it passes us by.Been thinking of putting my thoughts somehwere but was not aware that such a beautiful medium exists.I have been alive for close to 37 years now and from the time my head started registering I have gone through a lot of stuff – mostly good,but sometimes bad too.Have seen the best of times and the worst of times.There is this strange thing that happens as you reach 40 – a compelling urge to share what life has taught you.I am sure each experience is unique,another scene in the vast human drama but like in any other play the importance of any character cannot be gauged before it all ends.Hope that my part is a memorable one at least for the ones who give a damn !

So be with me while  I pour my heart out ..

Dil hi to hai na sang-o-Khisht dard se bhar na aaye kyon ?
Royenge  hum   hazaar  baar,  koi  hamein  sataaye  kyon ?

[ sang = stone, Khisht = brick ]

Qaid-e-hayaat-o-band-e-GHam  asl mein dono  ek hain,
Maut se  pehle  aadmee  gham  se  nijaat paaye kyon ?
[ hayaat = life, band-e-Gham = concealed sorrows,
nijaat = release/liberation ]

It was once told to me that the idea of freedom is not inherent to human form.We are not even free to determine what thought is going to come to our mind next.I tested the argument very carefully and to my despair found it to be true.From that time on my struggle has been my own, a continous and unending strife with my own saints and demons.Good is but a reflection of evil in the sense that it gives it the meaning it is supposed to have.They are relative and so go hand in hand.I have recognised that no one is entirely good or completely evil,its the state of mind that rules.

So how do I communicate with you ?

I will try and take a thought and share my views on it. We are but a product of our conditioning.Are’nt we ?And yes to begin with I will only share what falls in the realm of good.Will need more courage to discuss the evil in me.