Talking about a revolution

Kahaan to taya tha chiragaan har ek ghar ke Liye

Kahaan Chirag Mayyasar nahin shahar ke liye

( mayassar – available )

Time : 9:20 Pm

Place : Western expressway,Vile Parle Mumbai

Just as we took a turn and got to our guest house we heard a loud noise.It did not register – bade bade shahron mein choti choti baatein hoti rahti hain.After we had our dinner we went out for a smoke and came out to the expressway.There were hundreds of people on the Road making calls,Looking at something that appeared to be a mutilated taxi and then I saw what I had never seen before in my life,a charred and badly burnt human body.I was so shocked that I wanted to tell myself that no this is something else.It cannot be this……it was.

I rushed back to the guest house and checked.The news was still not clear.Could be  a gang war or was it a terrorist attack.Within an hour it was established that Mumbai was under seige.The whole of Mumbai had seen firing and blasts at 11 locations and the killers were still out on the streets killing innocent men and women,young and old,rich and poor,celebrities and lesser mortals – all for one simple reason that they were Indians.

Suddenly the country on the fast track of becoming a world power was humilated,shamed and brought to its knees.A country of a billion people was at ransom at the hands of just 10 men ! What did we do to deserve this ? What went wrong ? Who is to blame ? Will it ever be the same again ? Questions and more Questions but certainly no answers at all.

The nightmare has just begun.It will take India another 45 hours to free itself from the clutches of its ravagers.And all through this you went through emotions of fear,anxiety,shame,anger,grief and yes helplessness above all.

While the country exalted its brave and rediculed its politicians we forgot to ask the right Questions once again.Like always we said that someone else is responsible.Like always we believed that someone else is accountable.Like always we felt this will not happen to me……….It will happen and it will happen to all of us if we do not act and change ourselves.Did I tell you that we turned our cab back from lower parel at 8:30 pm as the driver said that there will be too much traffic in south Mumbai at this hour.We had planned to be at Cafe Leopold.My freind had read about it in Shantaram and wanted to get a feel of the place.In the book Didier says ‘Luck happens when fate gets tired of waiting’.Very true but ‘You do meet your fate when your luck runs out’. Our luck is running out on us and if we do not change our fate by working towards it,a face you very well know  will be staring at you from the TV screen,bloody and cold as death itself.

We need to ask :

1.Were the receptionists at Taj and Oberoi not doing their duty when they were fired at form point blank range.I am reminded of the time when one of them would have smiled and welcomed me ,a laggard soul after 36 hrs in the plane at 2 in the night.Do they deserve this ?

2.Were the corporate executives not doing their duty discussing the plans to run their companies which support thousands of lives and livelihoods ?

3.Were the commuters at CST not doing their duty waking up every morning at 5 and working the whole day to feed their families and send their kids to school ?

4.Was I not doing my duty waking up at 4 in the morning,leaving behind my kids still sleeping as I always do when going on tour,meeting business associates through the day and prepairing for the meetings the next day.

Let’s not make too much of it and get the record straight.

The deal is quite simple.In a society everyone does his bit to keep the ball rolling and no ones sacrifice is less than that of the other.We share the resources so that all of us can live together ….in peace.If you pay a third of what you make every month to mafia even they will give you a guarentee of safety and free enterprise.The government,the babus and the police have become masters and we have becoem their slaves conviniently forgetting that it is we who pay for their bungalows,their cars with flashy red and blue lights,their security and even sending their kids to foreign universities to do their MBA’s which cost a fortune.

Unless we remind ourselves of the status we will be forced to live a life of fear and humilation again , again and again.Sometimes by terrorists by mostly by these monsters.No roads…we are silent,No water …. we are silent.No electricity … we are silent.Traffic Jams….we are silent.Financial Scams… we are silent.When they have failed you on every other count you must be nuts to imagine they they are guarding you through the day and night.

Listen to Bob Marley ” Get up stand Up,stand up for your right,Get up stand up,don’t give up the fight”

Peer parbat si ho chlali hai pighalni chahiye

Is himaley se koi Ganga nikalni chahiye

Aaj yeh Deewar pardon ki tarah hilne lagi

Shart yeh hai magar buniyaad hilni chahiye

Mere seene mein nahin to tere seene main sahi

ho kahin bhi aag lekin Aag Jalni Chahiye

Jai Hind !


One comment on “Talking about a revolution

  1. Kishore says:

    Sir, you have raised simple but thought provoking questions but my worry is that will they be answered by our politicians. I agree with you that we need to send a strong signal to perpetrators to prevent future attacks so that we can sleep peacefully even without infrstructure, power so on so forth.
    Guess Rakesh Mehra saw this coming well before others ans had made Rang De Basanti. Though violence should not be the motive to supress this I guess well educated honest civilians should enter into main stream politics to bring in change.
    Jai Hind!

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