What Budhha wanted to know

After seeing the four great ills Young Prince Gautum was perplexed,anxious and frustrated.I will refrain from saying afraid but I know that it is horryfying to realize that you crumble into nothingness after suffering all the while.He asked himself :

If all powerful and lets it so, then he is not good

and if he is not good then he is not God.

Being a deeply spiritual and religous individual it is perhaps the most stressfull Query I am faced with everytime there is a tragedy that leaves hundreds,thousands and sometimes lakhs suffering for no apparent folly.It can be explained by Karma but if  we look at it rationally it is impossible that all the fishermen,women and children who died in the tsunami comitted the same quantum of error to deserve a similiar fate.Such an act when committed by nature instills in us all the same emotions as one would feel when people are shot at or bombed in a terror episode but the subsequent feelings are quite different.While people thank their stars and God for saving them from a Tsunami they would never do the same if a terrorist let them be.An explanation that I have is quite simplistic – if a Human cannot give life he also does not have the right to take it.But then it is not quite simple when you say by the same logic that if God gives us life he can take it at the time and place of his choosing.Is it some sort of a cosmic sport ?

I really do not know what the answer is but each time I look at a new born I am convinced of the existence a loving power that smiles at me as if teasing me to scratch my head a little more and saying “keep looking,you will know”.

I promise myself that I will do exactly that.I will keep looking…..

2 comments on “What Budhha wanted to know

  1. aahang says:

    Pls send me the article.

    I am reading the book “The mind of God” by Paul Davies which deals with the subject of creation and God in a very similiar scientific manner.My only worry is that what has not been created by the forces of nature will be incomprehensible by the mind,body,intellect apparatus available to us.after all we are conditioned to reason in a certain manner and what for us is reason may not hold when we are looking at something that is beyond the mind itself. It is reasonable to say that Sun will rise tmrw by deductive logic but what if It happnes otherwise.With this simple assumption the whole world and the principles that givern it will fall apart.For instance we have the idea that time always moves forward and therefore we look forward to the future but what if the time runs backwards(it is possible if the uiverse was contracting instead of expanding) then we will have to look forward to the past !!It is a difficult read for me but I know you will like it as you will understand it better.I will also keep trying …

  2. shilpa says:

    “Everything you’ve learned in school as “obvious” becomes less and less obvious as you begin to study the universe. For example, there are no solids in the universe. There’s not even a suggestion of a solid. There are no absolute continuums. There are no surfaces. There are no straight lines.”

    R. Buckminster FullerUS
    architect & engineer (1895 – 1983)

    I really have doubts..do we really exist or are we just quantum coherences. What appears to be the latest research points that we might be some sort of symphonies of energy, which when disturbed result in what we popularly know as death. There is no life and there is no death. Our “we”ness is a vibration that ceases to be. After all the total enery and matter of the universe is constant. I am sending you an article on the subject which has been written by Prof. Brian Josephson–nobel prize winner for physics 1973, inventor of the josephson junction whic form the base for modern day electronics

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