The White Tiger – bash India get Booker

the-whiteLast week I read the book.While I would give full marks to Mr Adiga for keeping me engaged while it lasted the words could did not have much meaning once the book was over.A measure of good writing  is that it must enrich you and become a part of you whether good or bad. It did neither….

It would have been to his merit if the author had chosen to present a more balanced view of our society and would have avoided to divide it on the basis of caste,religion,haves and have nots and finally the north vs the south(light and darkness as he calls it).Balram halwai fails to be the voice of millions of Indians who still prefer to work hard and lead a life of integrity than break out of the rooster coop by murdering their employers.

We always used to say that the cheap Indian authors who write stuff such as “Saajan ki Saheli” and “Khoon Bhari Maang” play to the gallery.Arvind too has played to the gallery but may be of a  different kind.The Goras would always want us divided and white Tiger provides the recipe .

No harm in reading it but no big gain either.I would say dip your beak at your own risk.

4 comments on “The White Tiger – bash India get Booker

  1. Neha Kapoor says:

    Thanks for commenting on the review I wrote. Read your’s too. Very well written. Although I feel that it should be taken as one man’s (Balram) story and not be generalised.
    And ya, i do agree that bash India get Booker 🙂

    • aahang says:

      Thanks for your comments.Man booker prize is a literary benchmark and the story does go beyond an individual narrative to represent a social fabric and structure.
      This is the reason for my disappointment.I was fine if it was just another page turner on the shelf.

      • Neha Kapoor says:

        Absolutely. You are right that way. And oh by the way, the theme I am using is Mistylook.

      • aahang says:

        Thanks for getting back.I will try Misty look.Excerpts encourage readers to look at more posts else no one wants to move beyond the first few pages,at least I am a little lazy that way.

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