Notes on myself…

Today is the 1st of Feb 2009 and I will be 38 years.In trying to sum myself up I identified most with below lines from  Jigar Moradabadi.Hope you like them too.dsc01636

Shaayar e Fitrat hoon Main Jab Fikr Farmaata Hoon Main,

Rooh Ban Kar Zarre Zarre Mein Sama Jaata Hoon Mai

Fitrat – Nature, Fikr: Concern/Reflection ,Rooh- Life, Zarre-Zarre: In every speck of creation

Aake Tujh Bin is tarah Ai Dost Ghabraata Hoon Main

Jaise Har Shai Mein Kisi Shai ki kami Paata Hoon Main.

Shai – Aspect

Teri Mehfil Tere Jalwe Phir taqaaza Kya Zaroor,

Le Utha Jaata hoon Zaalim Le Chala Jaata Hoon Main.

Jalwe – (Magical) powers Taqaaza – reminder

Haay Ri Majboorian Tarq e Mohabbat ke Liye,

Mujh Ko samjhate Hain woh Aur unko samjhata Hoon Main

Tarq e Mohabbat – reasons to forsake love

Meri himmat dekhna, meri tabiyat dekhna,
Jo Sulajh jaati hai gutthi, phir se uljhaataa hoon main.

Tabiyat – disposition,Gutthi – Puzzle

Waah re shauq-e-shahaadat, ku-e-qaatil ki taraf,
Gun-gunaata, raqs karta, jhoomta jaataa hoon main

shauq-e-shahaadat – Deathwish(so I know what it means to come to an end),ku-e-qaatil – Where the end is (resides),Raqs – Dance of Joy

Ek Dil Hai aur Toofan e Hawadis Ai jigar,

Ek Sheesha Hai Ki Har Paththar se Takrata Hoon Main.

Toofan e Hawadis – storm of tragedies,Jigar – Courage(also takhallus of Jigar Moradabadi the poet),Sheesha- Glass ( what is vulnerable and I hold it dear to me)

To admire it in tarannum(melody) pls click on below link.It’s awesome :

**Above picture was taken by me very early in the Morning in the hills of Ooty.

Book Review – A short history of nearly everything

a-short-historyThe book promises to bring scientific concepts closer to the uninitiated.And it certainly does that ….with ease and with excitement.

For someone like me who grew up with science around me( my father is a scientist) this book is a plain delight.I wish they had taught it in such an interesting manner when we were students.It is almost like a mystery novel in which the characters are the planets,the mountains,the oceans ……the universe and the eternal question is  who dunnit?

You can read it one chapter at a time to soak in the wonderful concepts but do not miss out on this masterpiece.

Thank you Mr.Bill Bryson.

What have we made of ourselves !!!

sanjy-babaramprasadbismil1I was just now watching a programme on National Geographic on the story of Obama.I have suggested it before too that he represents hope and what is good in us and in voting for him people have in fact voted for themselves.

But then something stark about the contrast in politics in India and the US is that the kind of candidates which run for elections.John Mc Cain lost the election but the fact remains that he is a true patriot and is a highly decorated officer of the US army who fought wars for the country and suffered in prisons for years together.And what have we got to choose from Mayawati and Mulayam – well it is truly a devil and deep sea situation.As far as Lucknow is concerned,this polished,cultured and erudite city which has the distinction of having Atalji as the sitting MP for 3 terms will now have to bear Sanju Baba.

OSHO had once said that there is a big difference in ‘Getting old’ and Growing up.Even non living things get older but a man is supposed to grow up and become wiser with each passing year.Certainly not the case with Sanju Baba- he has committed mistakes after mistakes each more silly than the other as numbers have added to his age.He cannot even get hold of his own life and he is being pegged as the future of our country.What little respect I had for him as an entertainer is also lost.He is ready yet again to put his foot in his mouth at the behest of  an”all talk ‘ swindler.

The question is how lightly do our politicians take us or rather how much liberty do we allow them  to utter non sense everytime they open their mouth.One of them says that she is doing her duty as a human being by allowing criminals fight elections on her party’s ticket and the other thinks that there is no better option in a state of 15 crore people who can fight elections from Lucknow,therefore a dud has to come our rescue.and what if the election commision does not allow a man charged with terrorism Mr Amar Singh ? No problem we have his third wife(and 100 the grilfreind) Ms. Manyata to do the honours.What a bloody Joke? Well Mr singh Obviuosly you are unaware that the MP’s have to debate on issues of national and international importance.What will Manyata do – a raunchy and sizzling dance number to excite the dacoits out of their dens just as she did in a movie.

The best part is  Sanju Baba is so scared of his future and so unsure of his candidacy that he is reaffirming interview after interview that Films will continue to be his main occupation and he will do his Gandhigiri as a side business when ever he has nothing else to do.And the TV channels are running after him and Manyata as if they have decided to land on the moon all by themselves.How non nensical and idiotic can we get.

Tommorow is 26th January and my heart pains when I think about Ram Prasad Bismil writing Poetry on his mother land in a small hamlet in Shahjahanpur( about 150 kms from Lucknow) and wishing for her freedom even if it meant the gallows for him.

सर फ़रोशी की तमन्ना अब हमारे दिल में है
देखना है ज़ोर कितना बाज़ू-ए-क़ातिल में है।

What have we made of ourselves !!!

मुझे हादसों ने सजा सजा के बहुत हसीन बना दिया

man-in-shadowवो थका हुआ मेरी बाहों में ज़रा सो गया था तो क्या हुआ
अभी मैं ने देखा है चाँद भी किसी शाख़-ए-गुल पे झुका हुआ

जिसे ले गई है अभी हवा वो वरक़ था दिल की किताब का
कहीं आँसुओं से मिटा हुआ कहीं आँसुओं से लिखा हुआ

कई मील रेत को काट कर कोई मौज फूल खिला गई
कोई पेड़ प्यास से मर रहा है नदी के पास खड़ा हुआ

मुझे हादसों ने सजा सजा के बहुत हसीन बना दिया
मेरा दिल भी जैसे दुल्हन का हाथ हो मेहन्दियों से रचा हुआ

वही ख़त के जिस पे जगह जगह दो महकते होंठों के चाँद थे
किसी भूले-बिसरे से ताक़ पर तह-ए-गर्द होगा दबा हुआ

वही शहर है वही रास्ते वही घर है और वही लान भी
मगर उस दरीचे से पूछना वो दरख़त अनार का क्या हुआ

मेरे साथ जुगनू है हमसफ़र मगर इस शरर की बिसात क्या
ये चराग़ कोई चराग़ है न जला हुआ न बुझा हुआ

ये चिराग़ बेनज़र है ये सितारा बेज़ुबाँ है

eve-3phpये चिराग़ बेनज़र है ये सितारा बेज़ुबाँ है
अभी तुझसे मिलता जुलता कोई दूसरा कहाँ है

वही शख़्स जिसपे अपने दिल-ओ-जाँ निसार कर दूँ
वो अगर ख़फ़ा नहीं है तो ज़रूर बदगुमाँ है

कभी पा के तुझको खोना कभी खो के तुझको पाना
ये जनम जनम का रिश्ता तेरे मेरे दरमियाँ है

मेरे साथ चलनेवाले तुझे क्या मिला सफ़र में
वही दुख भरी ज़मीं है वही ग़म का आस्माँ है

मैं इसी गुमाँ में बरसों बड़ा मुत्मइन रहा हूँ
तेरा जिस्म बेतग़ैय्युर है मेरा प्यार जाविदाँ है

उन्हीं रास्तों ने जिन पर कभी तुम थे साथ मेरे
मुझे रोक रोक पूछा तेरा हमसफ़र कहाँ है

मुत्मईन=संतुष्ट ; बेतग़ैय्युर=जो बदले नहीं ; जाविदाँ=अमर

वो चांदनी का बदन ख़ुशबुओं का साया है


वो चांदनी का बदन ख़ुशबुओं का साया है
बहुत अज़ीज़ हमें है मगर पराया है

उतर भी आओ कभी आसमाँ के ज़ीने से
तुम्हें ख़ुदा ने हमारे लिये बनाया है

महक रही है ज़मीं चांदनी के फूलों से
ख़ुदा किसी की मुहब्बत पे मुस्कुराया है

उसे किसी की मुहब्बत का ऐतबार नहीं
उसे ज़माने ने शायद बहुत सताया है

तमाम उम्र मेरा दम उसके धुएँ से घुटा
वो इक चराग़ था मैंने उसे बुझाया है

सोचा नहीं अच्छा बुरा देखा सुना कुछ भी नहीं

couple-on-the-beachसोचा नहीं अच्छा बुरा देखा सुना कुछ भी नहीं
मांगा खुदा से रात दिन तेरे सिवा कुछ भी नहीं

देखा तुझे सोचा तुझे चाहा तुझे पूजा तुझे
मेरी ख़ता मेरी वफ़ा तेरी ख़ता कुछ भी नहीं

जिस पर हमारी आँख ने मोती बिछाये रात भर
भेजा वही काग़ज़ उसे हमने लिखा कुछ भी नहीं

इक शाम की दहलीज़ पर बैठे रहे वो देर तक
आँखों से की बातें बहुत मुँह से कहा कुछ भी नहीं

दो चार दिन की बात है दिल ख़ाक में सो जायेगा
जब आग पर काग़ज़ रखा बाकी बचा कुछ भी नहीं

अहसास की ख़ुश्बू कहाँ आवाज़ के जुगनू कहाँ
ख़ामोश यादों के सिवा घर में रहा कुछ भी नहीं

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