Book review -What the customer wants you to know

what-the-custWhile working on the plan presentation for the coming year the task given to me was how we can look at the “value of contract” for our customers and go beyond product and price in event based transactions.

I had read the book What the customer ….a few months back and decided to check if it is relevant.This powerful book teaches you :

How to know and understand more about your cutomer revenues,profits,costs and what challenges they face

Who ae the most important decision makers and what they look for at each level before making a decision.

How to  start by focusing on your customer’s customers

How to work within your own organisation to build a solution for your client

To be a maximum value provider rather than lowest cost operator

And finally make price much less of an issue

The book is quite “real” as all books by Ram charan are and offers very practical solutions with a candid approach.The value creation selling approach will soon become the standard tool in sales transaction as the information environment takes away arbitrage opportunities to drive real value against a perceived one.

For those of us who cannot get a proper perspective of the nubers in business page 48-52 are a gold mine.Mr Charan has explain these seemingly complicated metrics in a very very simple manner taking the Example of a vegetable seller.As they say “common sense in genius in his work clothes”,so true for this all time great Management Guru.

A must read for anyone in the selling business …Highly recommended.


One comment on “Book review -What the customer wants you to know

  1. shilpa says:

    Check out two interesting websies of marketing guru, Seth Godin –
    I wonder if you have read any of his books ?

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