Pakistanis were better under the British

“Do what you will,but first be such as are able to will”writes Neitzche,the great german thinker.

Pakistan is a case in point.After 60 years of independance they are not able to convince the world that they deserve freedom.One may even argue that they got their freedom by default.It was the Indian freedom struggle and when it reached a point where If India will be free was not the question but when it will be free was the question Mr Jinnah promptly jumped in sensing the divide and rule tendencies of the Firangis.Since then Pakistan has been a living example of opportunism and deceit.Whenever a trigger happy dictator got the chance he grabbed power and when the so called elected goverment got its short term to experiment with democracy they went on a looting spree.The latest example is Mr. Zardari who conviniently sits on a thrown beneath which lies the corpse of Benazir.While he should be working at bringing the culprits of her assasination to justice he is unashamed of siding with the same men who killed his “beloved”wife.The Pakistanis too are ecstasic about being ruled by the same man who they themselves sent to exile on charges of corruption.

The Pakistanis are constantly being fed the Venom of Jihad while they starve for food and have to go begging about the whole world for their next meal.From what I know Jihad is to fight the evil in you more than in anyone else.The line between Taliban,Terrorists,suicide bombers and the Army has become so blurred that very soon they could be used interchangeably.If one goes by today’s news about Talibanistan it could hold true for Pakistan’s boundary as well.There are state actors,Non state actors,Partial Actors,Semi Actors and everything in between but no statesmen and citizens.When the Prime Minister Says ISI chief will go he says ” No way” and when the Taliban says I will help the Pakistani army it says “why not ?”,at the same time pretending to help US to fight “against” terror on its border with Pakistan.

Most laughfable is the notion of “Islam Khatre mein hai”.It seems that Allah Mian has a hot line with all the Mullahs and with the Goverment of Pakistan.Sincerely when ever I hear this voice coming from Pakistan I want to know – are you talking of Pakistan or India.There are more Muslims in India than in Pakistan and they live with a lot more respect,dignity and freedom than they do in Pakistan.Many of my best freinds are Muslims and they feel equally frustrated that because of a few ignorant folks the whole community is facing hatred and suspicion from everyone around.Islam is one of the greatest religions of the world and I fail to believe that it preaches violence and hatred.I have seen the level of commitment,dedication and purification that the Hajis go through before prepairing for Haj and a religion that is so clear in its prescription to acheivement of the ultimate goal of human life cannot go so wrong in writing the book of salvation.I feel so embarrased when one my muslim freinds gives a call after every terror attack as if to say “I did’nt do it”.I want to tell him then and there ” I know it has nothing to do with you just like it has nothing to do with me when Shiv Sena goes on a rampage in the name of hindu culture” but we generally chat to avoid getting into any specifics.It is painful.

Pakistan talks about freedom of the Kashmiris and I think they have given  a befitting answer by turning out to vote in larger numbers than people would in either Pakistan or India.They have voted for development and change and for a better life like all all of us do.It would be fair for Pakistan to talk about Freedom of will for others if they are able to ensure it in their own country first.

One of my freinds was arguing that the problem is the ISI and the Army ,not the government and I asked him a simple question ” Are the guys in the ISI and Army aliens?They also have parents,wives ,children,family and freinds” Why does’nt the Janta ask them what the F ….you are doing to my country.?In India 3 ministers were sacked within days just because what they had said or did was against the public opinion.And I am quite sure that if an Army general dares to play with India’s Democracy he will be shot by his own Jawans or family members.The nation has to be above the self.The Pakistani public is spineless and lacks the gut to stand for itself.Whatever sane voices remain have been silenced by their fate to live and die in a god forsaken land.

The Pakis should learn from President Dr.Abdul Kalaam who was born in sacred hindu town of Rameshwaram and designed India’s missile Program  He is also a master of  the Bhagwad Geeta and lives his life by the principles enshrined in the Gita and the Quran.That my freinds is an example of a true Indian.And yes he does not go about peddling nuclear technology to people with beards.

The list of Muslims who have lived and died for their country is endless and If there is ever a war it will not be a Hindu or Muslim but an Indian who will teach a lesson to the bunch of scroundrels across the border.

It is after all a question of deserving what you get and getting what you deserve.


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