Letter’s to Sam

This book is a collection of letters written by a grandfather to his grandson.The special thing about the relationship is that both of them are”different”from what we call normal human beings.The Old man is paralysed neck down and the young boy has severe autism.letters-to-sam7

Daniel Gottlieb has done a terrific job of being a grandfather to his little master and in the process has shown all of us readers a new way of looking at things.The limitations of the human form are more in our head than in our physical body only if we learn to accept the things as they are.That is the end of the struggle.

What is the single most important thing to know when you have hit a wall ?

Well,the understanding that you have hit a wall !

Else you will just keep struggling with yourself and be up against a dead object.The idea is to move on – to look at another option,to find another door and not to get frustrated with something that cannot be changed.

A very personal and beauiful account.Thank you Mr. Gottlieb.

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