Politics in UP

It is rather disturbing that these days everytime I see a news on UP it is about a gruesome Murder of an honest officer with politicians literally fighting like street dogs.Mayawati organised a “Dhikkar”(shame on you) rally on her birthday-yes she celebrates her own birthday herself at the age of 50 plus.In retalliation Mulayam singh/Amar Singh organised a “thu Thu diwas” ( spit on you day) and even BJP had its own version of the Dogs day out by having their own ‘Bhau Bhau ‘ ( as in dogspeak)week.

The other great news is that Item girl Manyata will be SP’s candidate from Lucknow because the constitution does not permit a man convicted in Mumbai  blasts to stand for election.While Atalji graced the position of Lok sabha MP for more than a decade and brought pride to folks like me by reciting his wonderful poetry and  standing like a true statesman when there were none  to match his stature,it seems we will have the new MP enetrtaining the people of lucknow with her Latkas and Jhatkas.So much for the love of nation !

Everytime I go back to the city I love,I was born and brought up in I am deeply moved by the state of affairs but coward as I am ,concerned about the luxury of my family I will not go back and fight and keep writing silly articles  which no one is going to read.

And even if I go back who will listen to a sane voce in a jungle overcome by evil.May be this is the kind of life the people wish to live,may be they thrive in chaos,may be there is no need for all the educated professional types in a land of Gundas.

After all people are free to choose in a democratic set up and they are therefore getting the leaders that they deserve – mad dogs ruling over mad dogs !!!


2 comments on “Politics in UP

  1. aahang says:

    Change can onle be possible if those who are most effected by a situation decide to respond.Since we have already fled the scene it is upto those who are there to stand up and fight back.
    Even if I go back I am sure I will have very few of my kind left there.Can’t they see how even smaller states are growing and making so much progress.As they say you can wake up someone only if he is sleeping,if he is pretending to be asleep he will never respond to your call.

  2. Avanish says:

    I also feel sorry for the sad state of affairs in UP. And as with my brother, I have also fled the scene and just keep lamenting about the nature of politics in the state.

    But I think it will just take a good leader to transform things. People are quite passive and they chose from whatever lot they get. If offered good choices they will ceetainly choose better. But there are no good leaders, no good choices there– Mulayam is the alternative for Mayawati!! whom to choose!

    Congress though it is nowhere in the political scene in the state, I wish it could be and Rahul Gandhi becomes the CM. That would bring good to the state and also the correct political ladder for somebody being projected as future PM already. We do not know hwo he will deliver but at least it would not be a game of thu-thu, bhao-bhao and dhikkar!!

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