On silence

After a long time I listened to one of my favorite Ghazals by Nida Fazli ;

Muh ki baat sune har koi dil ke dard ko jaane kaun

Aawazon ke Bazaaron mein khamoshi pehchane kaun

Sadiyon Sadiyon wohi tamasha rasta rasta lambi khoj

Lekin Jab hum mil jaate hain kho Jaata hai Jaane Kaun

Kiran Kiran Alsaata Suraj Palak Palak Khulti neend

Dheere dheere Zarra Zarra Bhikhar Raha Hai Jaane Kaun

If we look at the way of nature,it is one of silence.What we see today was made by rivers patienly carving their way through the mountains,Mountains slowly rising from the Sea,Continents drifting apart from each other,From a single cell most complex organisms such as human beings were formed and all this happened without anyone speaking a word for millions of years !

I am loosing faith in communication.Ralph Waldo emerson once said “There is no point in shaking hands with someone unless the whole man accompanies it”These days people just say things for the sake of saying them.Sometimes just to make a point,sometimes to agree to disagree,sometimes just to have their presence felt.

In corporates we live from one powerpoint to another knowing very well that no one including the one who has made the presentation will give a damn about it.Only if we did half of what we say,the world would be a much better place to live in.


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