In OBAMA we trust

Kaun kehta hai ki Aasman mein surakh nahin ho sakta,

ek paththar zara Tabiyat se to uchchalo Yaaron …

Watching the coronation ceremony of Barack Obama as the next US president I realized one thing – in voting for Obama ,people have voted for themselves.In him they have pinned all their hopes and have sought from reality what their dreams have been made of.He is a christian but with a muslim middle name and loves lord Hanuman.The point is that everyone wants a piece of what they believe is their own.

Who does’nt want change ? We want to change our boss,our lifestyle,our government,our education system,our relatives and more often than not our life partners.Each of us lives with a feeling of being stifled,each of us nourishes secret plans to escape one day and never come back or to make everything around us the way  we want it to be.

Obama is the panacea for the desperate.For the economy he is a dollar bill,for war trodden Iraq a white flag,for hungry Africans he is their daily bread and for us in India he is may be…Hanuman.

I sincerely wish Obama all the success in his endeavour to make the world a better place to live in and to spare the US of becoming the most hated (not feared as it is the americans who are most afraid) nation on earth.

His success is important as it will be the triumph of a normal working class individual which will set a precedent for  “change” across many other countries,including ours.

May The Lord,Allah and Hanuman be with him.Amen !


3 comments on “In OBAMA we trust

  1. aahang says:

    Be the change you wish to see and the world around you will look more beautiful.Your thoughts are very well articulated.we should strengthen the leader not burden him with our expectations.Thanks.

  2. Sanjeev Kumar Gaur says:


    For all of us he is one among us, and each one of us feels victorious in his win. He is Hope, he is Promise, He is Change and He is the Strength of common man.

    Obama is the legacy of Saints like Gandhi and Martin Luther King, a gift to this generation who can now look at politics and elections beyond polls and become the angel of change with – ‘Yes We Can’ attitude.

    But please remember, one human being can guide us but WE have to be the change. Let’s follow our great leader fully understanding that Change needs lot of patience and hard work by everyone. The torch holder can show us light but we have to make the difference.

    Let’s not burden the great leader with undue expectations. May God give him strength to fulfil people’s Hopes, Wishes and help him in making this world a better place for the coming generations.

    We all are with him and YES WE CAN.

  3. Avanish says:

    I feel a lot is being expected out of Obama. The time when he is taking the reins of the most powerful country in the world are the ones where things are troubled than ever before. Doing a magic wand for economy is wishful thinking and we only hope that if not magic but reality comes back to business. Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan are again very difficult policy issues and sudden walking out of Iraq or more intervention in Pakistan can boomerang instead of bringing positivity.
    So there are lot of expectations being made but it will be very hard to deliver on these issues and that too in the timeframe that most people will like to believe. A lot of hype is being created around him (which the media loves these days) and I hope they dont pull him down too soon!
    But of course the world and our life goes on hope., So let’s hope that “Yes we Can”

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