What have we made of ourselves !!!

sanjy-babaramprasadbismil1I was just now watching a programme on National Geographic on the story of Obama.I have suggested it before too that he represents hope and what is good in us and in voting for him people have in fact voted for themselves.

But then something stark about the contrast in politics in India and the US is that the kind of candidates which run for elections.John Mc Cain lost the election but the fact remains that he is a true patriot and is a highly decorated officer of the US army who fought wars for the country and suffered in prisons for years together.And what have we got to choose from Mayawati and Mulayam – well it is truly a devil and deep sea situation.As far as Lucknow is concerned,this polished,cultured and erudite city which has the distinction of having Atalji as the sitting MP for 3 terms will now have to bear Sanju Baba.

OSHO had once said that there is a big difference in ‘Getting old’ and Growing up.Even non living things get older but a man is supposed to grow up and become wiser with each passing year.Certainly not the case with Sanju Baba- he has committed mistakes after mistakes each more silly than the other as numbers have added to his age.He cannot even get hold of his own life and he is being pegged as the future of our country.What little respect I had for him as an entertainer is also lost.He is ready yet again to put his foot in his mouth at the behest of  an”all talk ‘ swindler.

The question is how lightly do our politicians take us or rather how much liberty do we allow them  to utter non sense everytime they open their mouth.One of them says that she is doing her duty as a human being by allowing criminals fight elections on her party’s ticket and the other thinks that there is no better option in a state of 15 crore people who can fight elections from Lucknow,therefore a dud has to come our rescue.and what if the election commision does not allow a man charged with terrorism Mr Amar Singh ? No problem we have his third wife(and 100 the grilfreind) Ms. Manyata to do the honours.What a bloody Joke? Well Mr singh Obviuosly you are unaware that the MP’s have to debate on issues of national and international importance.What will Manyata do – a raunchy and sizzling dance number to excite the dacoits out of their dens just as she did in a movie.

The best part is  Sanju Baba is so scared of his future and so unsure of his candidacy that he is reaffirming interview after interview that Films will continue to be his main occupation and he will do his Gandhigiri as a side business when ever he has nothing else to do.And the TV channels are running after him and Manyata as if they have decided to land on the moon all by themselves.How non nensical and idiotic can we get.

Tommorow is 26th January and my heart pains when I think about Ram Prasad Bismil writing Poetry on his mother land in a small hamlet in Shahjahanpur( about 150 kms from Lucknow) and wishing for her freedom even if it meant the gallows for him.

सर फ़रोशी की तमन्ना अब हमारे दिल में है
देखना है ज़ोर कितना बाज़ू-ए-क़ातिल में है।

What have we made of ourselves !!!

13 comments on “What have we made of ourselves !!!

  1. shilpa says:

    tum to sanju baba ke peeche hi pad gaye..arre aisa bhi kya

  2. Avanish says:

    I think its a matter of both ‘we get what we choose’ as well as ‘ what we deserve’. We deserve Sanju baba becoz nobody no longer cares for UP and its own ‘sons of soil’ are out of the ‘bimaru’ state. So at least he saw UP worthy of his political ambitions!! And eventually if he gets elected it will be what we choose, becoz again good people won’t vote and all those who get fascinated by his film persona will vote for him!
    Just to add, filmstars down south have always been a regular political phenomenon and the latest one is Chiranjeevi. And he has strong chances of being the CM. Not to speak of our Jayalaltiha amma!!

    • aahang says:

      The big difference is that both Chiranjivee and Jaylalitha contributed in their own way ,always based out of Hyd and Chennai.In that Sense Sanju has a locational disadvantage too.

  3. shilpa says:

    A relevant quotation be Art Spenders
    “”The great thing about democracy is that it gives every voter a chance to do something stupid.”

  4. VPG says:

    Mahatma Gandhi then and the Gandhi family now… I really wonder what they think about the sacrifices that were made by their own.

    At the end of the day I guess for them its all ‘power’ that they seek. And as for us the mortal citizens… will always remain in the minority unless the 70% of the population is not made aware of what they are doing. It surely is the most pathetic situation for a booming country like ours to be governed by a bunch of manipulative losers (losers because they have lost it completely in their heads and don’t have something called ‘vajood’). Where there is no value of human life today.. the sacrifices that were made yesterday don’t even come in their dictionary unless required for an election campaign of course.

    The whole system is upsetting… the laws and the justice… its all farce.. its up to us whatever little difference we can make in any way.

  5. VPG says:

    What have we made of ourselves or rather what have we allowed ourselves to become!

    Being governed by a bunch of people who were elected purely based on their popularity amongst rural Indians who again can be bought to some extent.

    Talk about the Mangalore incident where some women were tortured ‘just like that’, talk about the latest incident of UP cops torturing a 6 year old girl. Or above all of this the Mumbai massacre. How come we never see the politicians being affected in any way. Its always the common man who has to bear the brunt of ‘their’ whims and fancies, whether political or ‘personal’.

    With passing years there is actually no point in ‘celebrating’ republic or independence day… we the Indians are still prisoners of our political system.

    As the saying goes… power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!
    We have reached the absolute!

    • aahang says:

      The fact that what was earned with such great sacrifice is being squandered with such indifferent ease is what hurts the most.Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  6. Parthsarthi says:

    Apt indeed…… Our so called leaders in over sixty years have mastered the art of making mockery of democracy. I think brining non serious and unprepared elements to political forum is not limited to India alone. Imagine republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who was known more for her participation in a beauty pageant and who thought of Africa as a wonderful country. However similarities end there. In more mature democracies such candidates steal the limelight but they dont win elections but in India they do.

  7. kartar srivastava says:

    shaeri is in the blood of lucknowites ‘ it is but natural to recognise with Bashirbadra.Wrote his potery so close to his heart that a appeals to young and old

    • aahang says:

      Yes Sir ! In this case it flows in my blood through you.I rememember the old copy of an edition of a Urdu Magazine that we found in your office Documents when you retired.It had the news of demise of Dushyant Kumar and it was published around the time I was born.
      The DNA never fails !

  8. aahang says:

    We celebrate our Republic day today and it is the constitution of India that gives us the freedom of speech and expression.Ram Prasad Bismil who was a freedom fighter did not have it under the british rule.His poetry (writen on my blog in Hindi) translates to :
    “I wish to get beheaded for the love of my mother land and I want to see what strength is there in the hands of the murderers.”
    He was hanged by the British rulers for acts of conspiracy against the British rule at the age of 33.
    The freedom that was won with such great sacrifices is being mocked by people who have been tried under the Anti Terror Law.It is tragic !
    Thanks for your comment Scott.I saw your website.Congratulations on the good work you folks are doing.

  9. This is powerful thought piece! I can only imagine the throws you are going through. In the U.S. when we vote sometimes we consider neither candisate worthy of the Office of President. We never have to consider the consequences for putting our thoughts on a page with ink. I firmly believe that the one basic freedom every human should have is the freedom of expression. When people are free to let their views be kown without repurcussion, everyone wins. Thanks for posting this.

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