Welcome to my Blog !

I am pretty basic as far as my technological development is concerned so for quite some time I did not know what a blog was.Therefore for those of you who are like me I will provide the much needed navigational support in points so you can at least do the basic fiddling :

1.A blog is pretty much a website so you keep taking your mouse arrow all over the place and click what ever is underlined,italicised or feels like it can reveal something more.That’s how I browse .

2.If you want you can just keep reading the posts one after another,the most recent one coming at the top.When you reach the end of the page you can click on previous entries and keep doing that till the first one appears again.

3.Pretty much everything that you would want to know or do on the blog is aligned to the left of the screen.For Ex : The tab Categories tells you how many posts are there in each sub category(as in retail ) so if you click on Thoughts all posts which are tagged thoughts will appear on the left side and so on.

4.The blog stats gives the number of hits received on the blog and the most recent comments and posts which come along side too can be read in a sequence.

5.In some of the posts in the Poetry category I have given links or web addresses of esnips.com or you tube.I recommend that you listen to these by either clicking on them or pasting on your browser window and pressing the return(enter)key.For the real listening pleasure put on head phones and I can guarantee that you will  transcend to another world.

6.To leave a comment simply click on the tag below the post and write.You may need to give your email address etc.No harm in doing that.

7.To subscribe to my blog  or to track comments : you need to click on the RSS logo which appears on the top left hand corner You will have the privilege of subscribing to my musings every now and then.

8.Lastly any comments good or bad are welcome so pls. do not hesitate to punch your keyboard.I will be listening.


3 comments on “Welcome to my Blog !

  1. Ratnesh Agnihotri says:

    I appreciate your concern my dear friend, bu it is because of the efforts of people like you that the parliament has to pass the bill for the enactment of Act such as Dowry Prohibition Act and Domestic Violence Act, for that purpose Immoral Traffic Act which mostly involve women. Further we have started hearing that now males/husband are also being harassed, tortured, beaten by their wives..So your efforts to rescue the women/fairer sex need not be required in times to come in future..
    Tulsidas never meant the way, how people interpret it, it exactly suits an old saying which goes like” A man perceives things as he is, not as things are”
    So, don’t blame people of ancient Indian culture,, you should be proud to be a Hindu that too born in India, otherwise in the culture of Islam, you would have been forced to follow prophet who married a 6 years old his best friends daughter and consummated the marriage at the age of 52 when she was only 9 yrs old. Believe me you live in the best country of the world, with the best culture and religion. Otherwise you would have not said this. At least you are free to raise your voice, whereas in other religion and cultures you cannot.

    • aahang says:

      Vakil Saahab ki Jai ho ! To get people thinking on both sides of where our biases come from.We are a product of our conditioning.Just as you can see everything wrong about Islam,Some people see everything wrong about the pub culture and another set feels that the Mangalore incident is a pre cursor to Talibanisation of India.This has to change if we have to live together in peace …

      ” Humgama khada karna mera maqsad nahin, meri koshish hai ki surat badalni Chahiye”.

  2. Rahul Jaiswal says:

    Practical Comments Sir..

    Appreciate your effort.



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