On love…

Reading all the articles on love  on valentines day asked myself – What do you think ?

There are two important quotes that define my understanding of this very strong emotion that exists in all aspects of our being ,very often subtle but sometimes griping all that we do and stand for.

1.What is done with Love occurs beyond good and evil,right and wrong.

2.You love me because you need me or you need me because you love me.

The best part is that they hold true in mental as well as physical states – in thought and in action.

Every thing that we do or every relationship that we are in can be viewed in relation to the above Quotes.While the first one is philosophical and generous in approach the second one is practical and calculative.

My personal experience has been that both hold true depending of what state of mind you are in.If you are really in love  giving seems to a natural instinct but if you are bound to be in a relationship then it gets  tested on the balance of reason.What complicates the matter is the fact that your emotions keep changing and what you love today may seem unattractive tomorrow and whom you do not like so much may become central to your existence after living together  for few years.You love to hate them when they are around but you hate it if they leave you alone.You seek their attention yet wish to be by your self.It’s strange but it happens.

But this is all Gyaan(theory).My advise to young people   is – go ahead,fall in Love.That is the best thing that will ever happen to you !


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