I imagine you,Silently


बन्द  शीशों के परे देख,दरीचों के उधर

सब्ज़ पेड़ॉं पे,घनी शाखों पे,फूलों पे वहां

कैसे चुपचाप बरसता है मुसलसल पानी

कितनी आवाज़ें हैं,ये लोग हैं, बातें हैं मगर

ज़ेहेन के पीछे किसी और ही सतह पे कहीं

जैसे चुपचाप बरसता है तस्सवुर तेरा


Look beyond the closed panes,beyond the acloves

On the green trees,the branches and on the flowers

How silently it rains,ceaselessly

In the midst of all the noise,the people and so many voices

In the depth of my thoughts,at another level somewhere

I imagine you,Silently.

~author Gulzar

~interpretative translation by aahang


5 comments on “I imagine you,Silently

  1. arielle81 says:


    Mmmm, lovely.
    Rain has a fascinating way of making us, or maybe just me :), nostalgic and given to fantasy. Don’t you think?
    Thanks. 🙂

    • aahang says:

      Little drops in a drizzle or a gush of rainstorm the monsoon does have a special meaning.
      Rain has the power to take us back in time with images from the past,enjoy the present with a cup of Hot tea or to look forward to a morning where everything is washed and new.

  2. burstmode says:

    I like this…it is beautiful, like a photo.

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