India in slow Motion

Sir Mark Tully was the BBC India correspondent for about 25 years and  his love for the country is well known.His Hindi is better than most of us and so is his understanding of the country to which he once came as an outsider but never went back.

India in slow motion critically documents certain facets of the Indian life slow-motionthat all of us know about or are concerned with but have not found the time or inclination to investigate more.

India in slow motion does that through what we can call real journalism.To bring about the facts,be critical but then  be pragmatic enough to put both sides of the story forward.Young journalists must learn this from Sir Tully.

The chapter I liked most was Farmers reward as it is close to what I do for a living.The other chapters deal with Tehelka scam to show corruption is deep seated in the government,How the case of child employment in carpet making in Bhadohi is misplaced charity,Ram Janambhoomi episode,Making of cyberabad etc.All of them thoroughly detailed and analysed.

Another chapter that I loved again because of its indetification with my self was the one on Sufism and covered the life of Tabligis and Sufis to show the contrast between two neighbours who live in the muslim world of Gulli Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah.Both of them dedicated and uncorrupted by politics and yet so different in their approach and acheivement for the search of  Allah.

For those who always wanted wanted to know more about India,a very good pick


One comment on “India in slow Motion

  1. shilpa says:

    Following your posts regularly….beautiful poetry and deep thoughts..keep up the good work

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