Be the glass or become the chalice..

Ji chahe to sheesha ban ja, ji chahe paimana ban ja
Sheesha paimana kya banna, mai ban ja maikhana ban ja

Be the glass or become the chalice

Why only the glass or chalice ? become the wine,the tavern

Mai ban kar, maikhana bankar masti ka afsana ban ja
Masti ka afsana bankar hasti se begaana ban ja

By becoming the wine,the tavern become the symbol of joy

A symbol of joy now, be indifferent to your existence

Hasti se begaana hona masti ka afsaana banna
Iss hone se is banne se achha hai dewaana ban ja

Being indifferent to existence,a symbol of joy

Be this be that,Isn’t it better that you just loose your senses

Dewaana ban jane se dewaana hona achha hai
Deewana hone se achha khak-e-dar-e-janana ban ja

It’s even better to be mad than to loose your senses

To be mad or to become the dust of the the beloved’s doorstep

Khak-e-dar-e-janana kya hai ahle dil ki aankh ka surma
Shama ke dil ki thandak ban ja noor-e-dil-e-parwana ban ja

Seekh ‘Zaheen’ ke dil se jalna kahe ko har shamma par jalna
Apni aag mein khud jal jaye tu aisa parwana ban ja

~ Hazrat Zaheen Shah Taaji

3 comments on “Be the glass or become the chalice..

  1. Aman Abbas says:

    Sir Persian sher jo starting me thha.

    • aahang says:

      It is not Persian its Awadhi 🙂
      Horih hoye rahi hai
      Ahmad jiyo ke dwar
      Holi is being played
      at the doorsteps of Ahmed Ji
      Hazrat Ali ka raang bano hai
      Hasan Husain khilar
      Hazrat Ali looks colorful
      and Hasan and Hussain are playing(enjoying)
      Aiyso hori ke dhum machi hai
      chahun or pari hai pukaar
      The fun of Holi is boundless
      everyone is calling each other
      Aiyso anokho chatur khiladi
      raang dinyon sansar
      These players are so deft and clever
      They have painted the whole world ( in their color)
      Niaz pyara bhar bhar chidke
      ek hi raang sahas pichkar
      Niaz(Poet)is also topping up to sprinkle
      The color is same the fountains are many ( thousands)

  2. adityapathak says:

    Thanks for posting this 🙂 I was looking for the same..but found a treasure here in your blog. Bless you !!

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