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Selected Poems – Gulzar

Gulzar won an Oscar today along with AR Rehman.To be fair to myself this is not a review but  just a tribute to the great poet we have all loved for half a century now.

The book is called Selected Poems – Gulzar and it is published by penguin under Penguin Poetry collection.Some great mindscapes and some very profound thoughts wrapped up beautifully in an impeccable  bouquet of words.

A must read for all lovers of Urdu and Hindi poetry.

Little interesting facts :                                                            selected-poems

1.Gulzar is the pen name of Sampooran singh Kalra

2.Gulzar is married to film actress Raakhi

3.His first hindi movie was Bimla Rpys Bandini

4.One of his most famous songs “Dil Dhoondhta hai Phir wohi” takes its opening line from a Ghazal by Mirza Ghalib.

दिल ढूंढता है फिर वही फुर्सत के रात दिन

बैठे रहें तस्सवुर ए जाना किए हुए ……..

You can read some of his works on my blog by searching for tag Gulzar or byjust going to the poetry section.You will know which ones are his..won’t you ?

30 thoughts on “Selected Poems – Gulzar

    • thx to say my friend li love the way tht you write abt the gulzar sahab,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  1. app ke najm ko maine sarankho pe bithaya hai ,
    mere jindagi ke hr lamhe apke nam rahe,
    bs yahi dua hai hamari us rab se jis ne apko hamare liye banaya hai.

  2. likh rahi hai kalam barso se na jaane kya kya
    jab bhi padhta hu to aur padhne ka dil karta hai
    karva khatam na ho unke likhne ka ye yo hi chalta rahe,
    ki abhi bhi manjile kashti ki talaash me hai.

  3. me bar bar kinara film ke geet sunta hu, chandan chala gaya………gunzate hue mazi se itana hi sunai diya naam gum jayega chehra ye badal jayega meri awaj hi pehchan he..
    Sir i m of 30 yrs i love your songs

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