The height of sourcing…

Retailers can be the marketeers for products made in cottage and small scale units reaching out to a new set of customers who could not have been serviced otherwise.These customers are in smaller towns and villages and the existingmarketing channels are unable to effectively bridge the supply demand gap.

Here’s a picture tour of a small town called Pilukhwa near Ghaziabad.The pictures will give a new dimension to your understanding of manufacturing processes,logistics,Over the counter display and sales.It’s quite interesting.


Pilukhwa junction is where we enter the town

image024 And those are bed sheets drying in a environment friendly process.They are lying on top of cow dung cakes so they do not get ‘dirty’ and the person who gathers the ‘cakes’ once dried up can also fold the bed sheets and take them along.Saving costs and energy.


It’s motor able so far ….


That’s Vivek , my colleague.We walk down from here   .Yes that’s a tonga which is causing a traffic jam !


The shop/factory Owner is off for a meeting.We wait.


Finally we get to see the product and we just love it !!!


What will you call this? Shipped or whipped  !!!

I know you are dying to know the price of those.

2 $ for a single bed sheet

4 $ for a double bed sheet

The color fastness and shrinkage are guarenteed.I mean they will not fade or shrink.

So what do you think? Want to come along with us on our next expedition.


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