Another shameless day for Pakistan

Neitzche said :

If you gaze deep into the abyss,the abyss will gaze back into you.

Pakistan should have known this before they started actively sri-lanka-cricket1breeding”bhasmasurs”**on their homeland.Like I said yesterday in my post the terrorists are consumed by a lust for power and their demands will become bolder by each act of submission.Today we have the proof.Sri Lanka wanted to support the penniless PCCB and this is what they get in return for their act of freindship.Sri Lankans that too cricketers had done nothing to deserve the bullets that pierced them.I guess that is the price you pay to have anything to do with a “rogue” state.Just the other day we had videos of a polish engineer being shot dead at point blank range – the only fault that he was working on a power project to light up the houses in Pakistan.

If you keep a hand on your heart you will know what the whole world is thinking – wish that this country was never created.In India when mothers curse their wayward children they say something similar – I wish that you were never born out of my womb.Mother earth would be feeling the same.Pakistan is a curse on humanity.

Anyways as an Indian my reaction is that we should simply cut all ties diplomatic(??),cultural,transport,business,of course sports immediately.There is no point talking to a deaf psycho who will suck at his own blood if he does not get anything else.

** Bhasmasur -A legendary demon who got a boon from Lord shiva that if he puts his hand on anyone’s head,the person will burn to ashes.Upon getting the boon he ran after Lord Shiva trying to try his boon on him.


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