Why Devdas is an eternal Love story?

This is my first post on movies.In fact it is not on a movie but inspired by it.

I saw the movie Dev D today.Having seen the original version by Bimal roy with Dileep Kumar and Shah Rukh’s take on it I found the latest one by Anurag Kashyap quite interesting.What I liked about Dev D was that it was  beautifully adapted to todays context.What it also managed to do was get into the pschychedellic and confused mind of Devdas.A narcissist is very difficult to adore but you start feeling sorry for him in a very personal way.

Another aspect that has a timelessness embedded is that of pain.Dev D asks Chanda ” What do you know about pain ?” not knowing what a big mess her own life has been.

Love and pain co exist and each of us goes through them in one form or the other.But everyone always feels that they got the worst deal.The intensity and degree depends on your own level of sensitivity.There is nothing like less sad and more sad.All of us at all times have gone through the same trials,ups and downs.It’s difficult to admit but we may have even felt a kind of numbness to the world of sights and sounds just like Dev D did giving way to recklessness.Self destruction is a revenge you want to take from yourself  for being indecisive and confused.The I takes control and the me is vengeful and if the me wins then the I keeps gnawing you.The struggle inside you is eternal.You cannot be practical and emotional at the same time. You cannot out think your own mind.

That is the way the game was designed and that is what makes it challenging,interesting,addictive so we keep going to theaters generation after generation.

The clothes change, not the bodies.The music changes,not the sound.The light changes,not the focus. The characters change,not their feelings.The expression changes,not love.The  actors  change, not Dev Das.

I am sure my children will watch a version of their own when they grow up.

** I don’t know why they have stopped giving credit to Sharat Chandra  now.If Anurag feels it is important to mention that the concept was given by Abhay Deol he must tell that I am telling a story which was written by Sharat Chandra.I may have missed it out.If not,then it’s  cheating.


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