The cynics are on my Nokia.I have received 10 sms messages since yesterday declaring : Gandhiji hated liquor his whole life and his belongings were bought by Liquor baron Mallaya. 7_gandhi

How absurd and silly ?His great grandson and people who have devoted their life to Gandhiji’s ideals are so joyful that his belongings would not fall in the hands of some greedy firangi collector and they could perhaps be kept at the Ashram for Indians to see and get inspired.But my Cynical friends are crying their heart out for no rhyme or reason.

By forwarding a message they feel as if they are the true crusaders for the rights of a man who showed the entire world how to fight the oppressor.

Would highlight a few points to drill some sense into the matter :

1.Drinking was a social evil at that time as the villagers and mill workers used to spend all their wages on it depriving their families.It’s not like GandhiJi kept a bottle in front of him and kept saying“I hate you,I hate you,I hate you”

By this token the kind of fine spirits that Dr Mallaya makes cannot be afforded by laborers,daily wagers,small farmers and mill workers therefore we are targeting the wrong guy and fighting a wrong cause.

2.Gandhiji started the Khadi movement and spun his own yarn.Considering this GD Birla,the owner of largest textile mills in  India,was his opponent and competitor. Gandhiji’s freedom movement was not only  supported by Mr Birla.but in fact Mr. Birla was one of his closest friend and associate.

3.The cellphone operators have a bunch of copy writers who keep doling out cheeky remarks on subject that they know nothing about.People keep forwarding these congratulating themselves on being harbingers of reform and these guys keep watching their bank accounts swell.

Get some sense – by supporting a socialist cause you are in fact playing in the hands of smart capitalists.


4 comments on “Dr.Mallaya,Liquor,Gandhiji…

  1. Sadanand says:

    Nice article

  2. aahang says:

    मैं आपके खयालों से इत्तेफाक़ रखता हूं
    गौर तलब है की वो लोग मल्लया साहब को ग़लत बता रहे हैं जो खुद उनकी बनायी शराब रोज़ पीते हैं.बस बोलना है तो बोल दो कुछ भी.

    उन्होनें नीलामी में एक हिन्दुस्तानी की तरह गांधीजी की यादगार को बचाया ना की एक अमीर कारोबारी की तरह,और इसके लिए वो मुबारकबाद के हकदार हैं ..

  3. VPG says:

    It is surely weird because the fact is that if Mallaya would’ve not bought these… then no one else would’ve. I mean the government of India actually did nothing but watch and comment about the auction at the end of the day.

    So what’s the point of just talking or messaging or simply commenting when the people with the real action could be liquor barons or they could even be reformists or in the worst case scenario drug dealers even. If someone is concerned about something its better they send the petition to the Government of India to gather some ‘balls’ to do something rather than send mass messages to the common people to ‘not’ do something or go against someone who is actually doing something good for the reputation of our country!

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