On Blog search engines

I am currently recieving traffic from 2 blog search engines :

While it is encouraging to see the number of hits on my blog shoot up,I have observed that the number of comments have dwindled.It could very well be an indicator of interest that fellow bloggers have in the content I have to offer but it is also surprising that with so many views per day,its suddenly become so hard to get folks talking.Can someone answer this ?

7 comments on “On Blog search engines

  1. adarnay says:

    Although we messaged about this before, I wanted to add my own nickel’s worth, too, as we say in America. The other day I got a huge rush (74 hits) on my least-read blog, BorderZone, the Google version (quafzone.blogspot.com). My traffic there is at best three people per day. Suddenly 74?! The vast majority of these people “lingered,” if that’s the word, for a second or less. The substance is what draws people–but they have to be adequate to understand it. All contents have their readership, but finding it is a slow process if you’re on the edges of popular interest.

    • aahang says:

      Playing to the gallery will always get you more hits but then the choice is either to write for others or for your own self.To have one genuine reader and commentator is far better than a thousand hits that don’t add up to anything.
      As far as people understanding the content is concerned it is the same logic – for every thousand blogs with cribbing,blabbering,ranting there is one blog with great original content.
      The odds are surely stacked against us ;-)……they also serve who only stand and wait .

  2. Ryan says:

    Hey there,

    Unfortunately, all my site can provide is traffic… I do my best to encourage people to leave comments and bookmark blogs that they like…

    I am open to any ideas that might help improve the issue… might be a good topic to bring up in the condron.us forum.



    • aahang says:

      Hey Ryan,
      Thanks for your response.The engine works fine in its current form too.I discovered that in tools if we use the search option we can find blogs that are relevant.To answer a larger Question we will have to look at why do people blog ?
      – They feel that they have something to say
      – They want to perfect their craft before they put them up for sale
      – They want to hear from others who can provide valuable feedback for improvement
      so we are addressing a social,individual,psychological,intellectual and may be an emotional need.
      Someone like you can step in and make it a community which addresses at least most if not all of above.Rather than everyone living in their own spaces wary of each other we can facilitate getting them closer.All poets together,all business and magement guys together,thinkers and speakers together,sports,Music,politics …..we can create neighborhoods where all like minded folks live.A simple Tag Query can do this.You are the expert.
      You can have top 3 blogs in each category every month not based on hits but based on number of contributions and comments.No prizes just a mention on your website.This will prompt folks to do what they should be doing.

  3. Funny, I just wrote about the same thing. 🙂

  4. Cindy Hanson says:

    they eventually go away, unless you go to them and begin to put your name back in the mix… you’re right they aren’t all necessarily readers as they are hits. perhaps, though I would imagine if people are truly on them, they are looking for material to read… however, I personally have only gotten responsive readers through wordpress tags. That is mY experience.

    • aahang says:

      Thanks for your comment.Even I have found that.
      The purpose for which blogging exists is that people should be able to co create a thought process living in different time zones and locations.Till the search engines do something about this wordpress is where we will get our real friends from.

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