Alpha Inventions and

I have been using both alpha Inventions as well as for some time now to browse blogs written by other people as well to get readership for my own blog.And as per my statistics both Alpha Inventions and are directing a steady stream of traffic daily to my blog.

There are some basic differences that I discovered among Alpha Inventions and am listing them below :

1.Alpha Inventions gets me the maximum blog views.That is the absolute truth.

2.Condron provides a better browsing experience as after clicking on thier channel the blogs which appear are more in tune.So if I want to read poetry and click on writing I will get a far superior quality and quantity of blogs to read at

3.In case of alpha Inventions first of all the blogs move just too fast in  the browsing cycle so it becomes difficult to know what the blog  that just went away offered as content.This is where I find more effective time per blog in browsing cycle is more plus the review and forward buttons help to browse better and quicker.

4.As far as comments are concerned I have got comments so far only from as I was able to post of some other blogs.

Caution : these are just my first level of observations.I am doing more research of browsing with alpha Inventions and and will share more results.

A friend had selected Blog catalog but I did not like it.Perhaps I did not get a hang of it.

Pls let me know what your experience has been.


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