Final take on Alpha inventions, and WordPress

Both search engines entice you to mention them in your blog so you can get more traffic.

I did just that and found that my blog got more than 5 thousand views last two days but no comments.Most views were from Alpha Inventions.I am sure my fellow bloggers have something to say about a subject that relates to them as well.If it were 6000 humans looking at their computer screens seeing my blog atleast one would have commented.If not on this post but may be on another one.I am just talking probability and psychology here.

I asked myself a question.What am I looking for – just a number on the Blog stats counter or people actually seeing my blog,reading the contents and commenting on posts that interest them.

I am also looking forward to build a community of sorts where I can post and immediately get comments on my thoughts and writing skills from people who know me and whom I know albeit from the internet.As a beginner its important for me to get an honest feedback which will help me to improve in all humility.The more critical the better.

Everyday I get 15-20 views from wordpress though thier tags.I find these most useful as I know what people are looking for and how my blog is helping them get what they want.I also go back and see the featured blogs through a backtrack link and find a lot of blogs that interest me.If I like something I post comments else just read and enjoy.

Final take :

Alpha Inventions – Increase blog views and stats.Contribute to Alpha creations rating going up.Mutually beneficial in a more practical way.Don’t expect any comments or serious blogging as most blogs keep reappearing or have nothing that interest you.May be you get Lucky sometimes.

Also,the tips offered when you register in the reading cycle are quite useful. – Good for random browsing on topics that interest you.Search is a useful tool that helps you connect to the right blogs.Quality of search is much better and therefore improves chances of viewing more relevant blogs and also finding bloggers with similar interest.You will not get lots of views but a steady stream of inetrested folks.You can expect some comments..

WordPress/tags – By far the best way to build a blogosphere of your own.Slow but effective.As you are tracking back the tags there is no question of finding stuff that is not relevant.The same link was used to find you so it cannot misfire and you will find almost all blogs relevant.You can pick and choose the good ones.If you leave a comment ,you can most certainly expect a visit and  a comment as the person you are trying to connect with has a common interest because of which you found them.You can keep adding folks to your blogroll and inform them about it.Slowly you will have a lot of good stuff on your blogroll plus may be some bonus in your book marks section.And if you are good enough you may be on 20 other blogrolls once again getting traffic which is not just a number but bloggers with same interests as you.

So take your pick and keep punching.

To each his own is the mantra !


29 comments on “Final take on Alpha inventions, and WordPress

  1. damyantig says:

    I do understand Hindi, and would love to read translations of ghazals. But I work on a Mac, and am not sure how to turn on the hindi script :(.

    Good luck with your work, and I’ll keep visiting to figure out whatever bit of your posts I can understand 🙂

  2. damyantig says:

    I think alphainventions is how you got to my blog!

    I like your posts…but is some of it in some different script, as I seem to get a lot of question marks on my screen when I open this blog.

    • aahang says:

      I don’t remember but I think I read your blog on Condron and posted a comment on writing.I say this because condron has category “writing” which is not there in Alpha.
      I have lots of posts in Hindi which is my mother tongue which explains the question marks.
      In case you understand Hindi you can activate Hindi text from Microsoft which is a free software.
      I love urdu poetry and have collected poetry from Ghalib,Majaaz,Bashir and others and attempted afew translations.
      Thanks for stopping by.Keep coming back.

      • damyantig says:

        I have to take my Mac in for servicing next week, and I will download the stuff after. In the meanwhile, I will check on you anyway :).

        I have three blogs, so keeping up with them, and then making my visits takes some time. Also, your name does not link to your blog, so it would be great if it had that link, much easier to find you.

        I found you through google search cos I liked your comment on my blog, and right now you are still on My comments page.

        Maybe I can just link to you…

  3. JB says:

    I also tried Alphainventions, and it indeed gave me lots of traffic. But like you no one out of 6000 views left a comment. But I received some comments on my 2nd article about alphainventions, that is when I asked for readers to leave a comment if they happened to drop by. I also got here through alphainventions.

    • aahang says:

      I guess the clicks are real time but the content needs to be specific and interesting in order to attract any comments.

      I just applied for google adsense.Will let you know if I make any money.

  4. pdbb says:

    I found my way here the same way… sometimes brute force of numbers works! Well, I have had my numbers spike but no comments at all not even on out of a hundred. But I am new at this and well, my posts may not be everyone’s cup of tea!


    • aahang says:

      Thanks for stopping by.I really liked the way you put across Jesus Christ’s message and that sign “trespassers will be shot and survivors will be shot again” brought a smile to my face.That’s exactly how we deal with others around us.
      I am a Hindu but I believe in all religions.
      Christianity is close to me as I studied in a convent school in India.We had “brothers” as our head masters and they instilled in us some very important values of life.They also read to us from the bible often.
      I am trying to get a deeper understanding of all religions Hinduism,Islam,Buddhism,Christianity.
      Your blog will certainly help me do that.I have bookmarked it !

  5. mkdenham says:

    I had a feeling it’s really too good to be true. What is that saying? Oh well. Fun while it lasted.
    So.. other than WordPress’s tags, have you got any good ideas for getting one’s blog out there? Getting more REAL hits, and more readership?

    • aahang says:

      Hi mk,
      for some reason I could not get your URL.I wanted to check out your blog before I replied.You need to check why this happened as it may be hindering traffic.A few suggestions :
      1.Get an account with orkut,slideshare,delicious and other such websites and promote your blog.Make sure all your accounts are connected.
      2.There are sites such as which help bloggers connect.They have several communities and you can choose and be part of one of them.
      3.Specialize in your field.You will surely build readership and get a steady stream of views.
      4.When you tag make sure that the central theme of your blog is tagged in all posts regardless of content.That way the search engine will list you at the top when people search for that word.
      5.Take day off or dedicate one sunday to visit as many blogs as possible in your area of interest.Read posts that you find interesting and leave comments.Like yourself others too are looking for folks who can contribute to their thought development.
      6.Why not do a post on How to increase traffic on your blog with the above points if they work for you.You will most certainly get 5000 views !
      Happy blogging and let me know your URL

    • streamliningprocesses says:

      Try this list someone posted on Twitter recently – I’m working my way through it

  6. streamliningprocesses says:

    I have dabbled with both and generally agree with your observations – I get the most traffic from AlphaInventions, but only one comment via either of them out of around 7,500 visits. Not sure what it means either.


    • aahang says:

      Dear Phil,
      I could not get your URL which is strange.Also the fact that you got only one comment out of 7500 visits.My concern was similar but this is unusual.What are you writing about?
      Thanks for sharing.

      • streamliningprocesses says:


        Sorry for not replying sooner! Was it on Condron that you had problems with the URL? I mispelt it one time, and despite requests to Ryan to remove the misspelled version, it is still there.

        My blog is a bit of all sorts at the moment – I think I need to split it up into at least two. I write about process improvement, which is my profession, but I also like to write about other things that interest me, including travel, food and drink etc.

        The URL is


  7. popsgurl44 says:

    I as well got here from I am very new to all of this. I am not sure that it will bring in comments but I do know that many blog sites look for up and coming blogs solely on hits they receive. Of course, if you are looking for a career like position then it’s great to have the comment follow-ups.
    I think sites like AI and Condron are a good way to advertise your blog without having to deal with the hassle. I for one look at the blog titles on AI and click on ones I like. Hopefully in turn you receive your comments and they are truely for your blog interest 🙂

    • aahang says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.I guess you got it all figured out:-)
      As you are new may be some of the tips I offered to mk will help.Let me know if they do.I have learnt. thru trial and error myself.

  8. aahang says:

    I read somewhere that out of a hundred people who will view your blog only one will comment.So it is OK if there are not many comments but at least the views are real.With your comment it seems that they are.
    Cheers Jackson !

  9. pictfamily says:

    for my main blog, I’m happy just to tag it and get the occasional visitor from WordPress, but for another blog that a friend and I are running, we have, like you, been experimenting with alphainventions and We haven’t mentioned them in our blog, but have gone to those sites to get ourselves added temporarily. We have had a larger number of hits from condron than from alphainventions, but I’m not sure what any of this actually means. For the time being, we’ll keep going to see if it helps build a community.

    • aahang says:

      Your comment suggests that the hits are real.So that is one big reassurance.
      As far as building communities are concerned we will have to work on it on our own.Alpha and Condron can probably add a few more tools to help like minded folks faster.
      All the best for both your websites.I will certainly visit and offer comments/ suggestions.
      Many thanks !

  10. dragnew says:

    I actually got here through AlphaInventions, but, in general, I agree with you in that it doesn’t result in comments, and is fairly unlikely to be resulting in people reading blogs, more just looking at them, if that.

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