Age matters for Prostitues,not for PM’s

The Times of India is running a viscious and discriminating campainot-fit-enoughgn against  mature people.They want people who are above 60 to go in some godforsaken place and await their final hour.To get lost and not be seen again on any public platform.What next ? A campaign by the young people to throw their parents out of their houses,tape their mouths so they keep shut and ask their grandchildren to look at them as pieces of dead furniture.

If Gandhiji at 70 years of age was strong enough to chase the British out of the country and ensure India’s freedom I do not see how the scene has changed so drastically except in the twisted mindscape of the Times of India Editors.And you want to know the reason for this sudden contortion – their so called highly successfull Lead India Campaign which brought to light some obscure people aas ‘Young Dynamic Leaders’.

The idea is not only rediculous and derogatory but also pathetic.The mental bankruptcy of this so called harbinger of India’s thought shines through.Some simple questions would have given the right direction,only if some young dim wit had bothered to ask them .

1.How old was Winston Churchill when he led his country to a glorious victory in the 2nd world war.We all remember his speech that turn the course of history as we know it.

2.What was the age of George Washington when he led Americans in the War of independance?

3.What about Nelson Mandela,Fidel Castro and Lenin ?

4.Closer home has anyone bothered to know who gave the idea of Sampoorna Swarajaya in India’s struggle for freedom.Have we forgotten Gopal Krishna Gokhale ?

I am completely at loss to understand where this idea came from.Not only political leaders but the greatest philosophers,thinkers,poets,Business men have continued to act and inspire generations till thier very end.As per Times of India Rabindranath Tagore should have retired at 58 and same with Ratan Tata.Isn’t it?

And to what benefit  ?To be replaced by imbecile leaders who do not know whether Gujrat has more square KM’s or the US and Europe combined.

Someone really needs to explain to me how age can be a cretieria for  leadership.The old are as good as young as long as they inspire,motivate and lead men and women towards a path of glory.

We are talking about a deep understanding of national and international issues and wisdom to handle them, not about entertaining audience and performing acts of pleasure.

If Times of India cannot make out the difference in professional requirements of prostitution and politics they should at least shy away from running a campaign about their ignorance.


2 comments on “Age matters for Prostitues,not for PM’s

  1. burstmode says:

    Newspapers here are in bad shape. Some politicians want to bail them out of their difficulty. what is the problem? The bottomline is no one reads them anymore and it isn’t because they are inconvenient, it is because they write tripe like this!!

    • aahang says:

      After OBAMA’s win in the US elections,the so called Indian ‘thinking class’ is convinced that leadership is inversely proportional to age.Media in general looks more like an ad campaign rather than fourth pillar of democracy it is supposed to be.

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