Blog as if it will never be seen

I was reading the book ‘Predictably irrational’ when it suddenly hit me.Why the hell do I bother about blog stats.To care about comments is fine but to think too much of cold numbers which may or may not have face to them is madness.

Let us have a peek into my irrational behaviour.Since morning I look at the blog stats twice and by afternoon I am worried that no one has even looked at my blog today.When I click the refresh button as if out of nowhere a number of views appear.This is the point when my blog was on Alphainventions reading cycle.Now out of these views there could be chinese,peruvian,saudi and russin bloggers who have no choice but to look at my blog since it is on thier computer screens.As some of the posts are in English they may even try jumping from one post to another to find something of interest but will certainly leave the blog,never to come back again.

Have you ever counted how many people you met in the market ?How many people looked at you while you were shopping?How many joggers passed by you while jogging in the park ?Or who else came to watch the movie  ?

It is irrational therefore to keep submitting your blog and Alpha inventions or Condron in the hope of getting more readership to increase page views.But we are predictable bloggers and will continue to do it again and again.One day we may get a 1000 page views and the other day we may get just 50.

That’s the way we are programed or wired I should say – to measure everything.Even our performance on blogs which are meant to take us away ‘from these things.If your blog not have adequate number of hits or commenst you start getting a feeling of being wasted and a secret voice says don’t do this.This explains the thousands of blogs with just a couple of posts.

You will find 100’s of posts and commenst about ‘How to increase blog traffic’  and how to use technology make your blog better and more attractive but very few which will give you tips on how to post exceptional or unique content .I even came across a personal blog that wanted to make money through adsense the very first month of coming into existance.It may have been an experiment but I found it quite interesting.

For now I have a promised to myself that I will not look at my blog stats for the next 1 month.

But promises are meant to be broken.Are’nt they 🙂

5 comments on “Blog as if it will never be seen

  1. adarnay says:

    I’ve had the same experience as you. Suddenly my site had 31 page views. It was while tracking that down that I discovered Alpha Inventions. The posting itself simply didn’t deserve that much attention! What you say about the process is entirely true, and much the same thought was already running through my mind, to wit, “To hell with this.” Nevertheless, it is only natural to wish to have the kind of readers who actually appreciate what one is writing. But that’s the issue, isn’t it. The interest must be genuine. Appreciate your straightforward honesty.

    • aahang says:


      Tried clicking on your pic to get access to your blog but could’nt.I always try to get to know the people before I reply on comments.It is a nice way to expand my understanding of the folks who have taken time out to share their thoughts with me.

      I would’nt say that the addiction to look at the blog stats has gone completely but by watching my behaviour I am able to control it to a certain extent.

      Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment.

      • adarnay says:

        Hi, Aahang:

        The site that got the hits is http:\\ From that one I provide links to two others, including my oldest, called Ghulf Genes. I’ve got you in my bookmarks. I look forward to seeing a little of your world from the inside.

      • aahang says:

        You got a new way of looking at things.I have tagged your blog too.Will keep coming back.
        You are most welcome to visit mine.

  2. shilpa13 says:

    Very Thought provoking..I was just browsing through TED and look what I found …here is a link of Dan’s talk on TED

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