तब हर सड्क मास्को तक जाती थी

जब मैं छोटा था

तो हर सडक मास्को तक जाती थी                                      image0061

पेड शाम को पत्ते तोड्ने से जग जाया करते  थे

और हर फूल में परियां रहती थी

दोस्त मुझे चिल बिल की दावत पर बुलाते

और मैं उन्हें माचिस की डिबियां उपहार में देता

मैदान में फूट्बाल खेलनें जाते तो बस यूं ही

दरिन्दे के घर में गेट पर लगी घंटी दबा देते

और ळौटते हुए शीशे में उसकी परछाई को देखकर

मन ही मन सोचते कि केह देंगे “हमें क्या पता?”

साईकल पर सवार होकर यूं निकलते

जैसे कोलंबस जहाज पर अमरीका को खोजने जा रहा हो

हर मोहल्ला दूसरे से इतना दूर

जितना हिन्दुस्तान चीन से

कभी ये सब याद आता है तो लगता है

कि हम कितने भोले थे,कुछ नहीं जानते थे

पर जब गहराई से सोचता हूं तो पाता हूं

कि जीवन का विस्तार हमारी कल्पना ही तो है

मेरा दिमाग जितना बडा हो गया है

मेरी दुनिया उतनी ही छोटी हो गयी है


8 comments on “तब हर सड्क मास्को तक जाती थी

  1. *KHUSHI* says:

    मेरा दिमाग जितना बडा हो गया है
    मेरी दुनिया उतनी ही छोटी हो गयी है

    ^ sahi kaha aapne, yehi to sacchai hai. aur jeevan ke safar mai kahi na kahi insaan ekbaar aissa sochta jarura hai. aap ki poems acchi hai

  2. Avanish says:

    bahut khoob, right thoughts expressed in the right words and emotions. The crux is not to keep remembering the good old days, the unfulfilled desires (also read your story) but to keep finding something ever anew, afresh to enjoy like a child. While of course the innocence of a child might be missing with us now, and the degree of joy expressed for small things in life but life does offer a lot of good things … like the rainbow… if we keep oursleves smiling.
    A little story I read in email forward… was something like this. There was a little cute girl, always happy
    and smiling.She used to walk to and back from school. She went to school one day. And when it was time for her to come back it started getting cloudy and stormy. Her mother got worried. As she looked outisde she saw thunder and lighting and storm getting stronger. She thought she will take her car and follow the route her baby took everyday and hopefully catch her midway. As she was going towards the school, the lighting and thunder became even harsher, and she drove even faster. Then at a little distance she saw her daughter happily walking back, but she noticed someting odd. Everytime there was a thunder and lighting the baby will stop, look up to the sky and smile, then start wlaking again. When she reached her daughter she put her in the car and asked why was she stopping and looking up and smiling everytime there was a lighiting, she should have hurried back. But the daughter innocently smiled back, “But mamma, God is taking my photos so I have to give a good smiling pose to him na”!!
    Moral of the story being smiling even at troubles is the way to live life! So smiles do change a lot of things— events to persepctives— Keep smiling

    • aahang says:

      Thank you Bhai.The more I observe children the more I think how much we can learn from them.In fact OSHO says that as you grow up the final test of your intellect is that you should again become child like by the time you are ready to leave the world.I will discuss that some day.Its quite profound and deserves a post by itself.

  3. shilpa says:

    very poignant..memories of a shared childhood..meri aankhon main aanso aa gaya.

    Just yesterday i was thinking that moments in which we actually do something, enjoy doing something playing with our kids etc, those are the small small time capsules in which we are alive. otherwise so many of us for so much of our life time, are just passing time. Have you ever thought what if you didn’t have to work..job and all..you had sufficient amount of money never to work again..what would you do ..day after day ?

    • aahang says:

      मुझे तो चिल बिल की दावत उडाने और साइकिल से प्रथ्वी के छोर तक जाने में कोई परहेज नहीं है 🙂
      मैं भी रोया था लिखने के बाद ,इसलिये नहीं कि लिखा बहुत अछ्छा था पर इसलिये कि अब उस दुनिया मे मैं कभी वापस नही जा सकता.

  4. i wana say hi…vry nice poem u hv written…really like..wll come 4 more to read..take care..enjoy life…

    • aahang says:

      शुक्रिया !बलाग पर आने के लिये और कविता की सराहना के लिये भी.

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