Mom and Me

I can still feel  your hands on my forehead

When I am not feeling too well

And smell the hot tiffin                                               Me and Mom

when hunger calls

I want to run to you

When I get praised

and crave for your lap

when sleep eludes me in that scary moment

I want you to catch my ears

so I know I am making a mistake

And to  tell the world

to stop bullying me for not being up to it

You have always  been there for me

I am seldom there for you

I know I can look after you

only if  I stop looking up to you

Its time for me to stop

begging you to take care of me

I can’t.Its an old habit..

I never grew up

always needed you

for every little thing

You can’t stop crying

every time I take a cab to the airport

And I never ever want to think of  life

with you not in it ……..

2 comments on “Mom and Me

  1. adarnay says:

    On Father’s day in America, I greet your Mother, and you! Very nice picture and a great poem. May your parent’s prosper.

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