Or A bird as free..

I will choose my own sky

And  how and where I fly

I will make my own road

And near or far I’ll go

I will fight my own battles

And decide if I lost or won

I will sing my own songs

And be soulful or loud

I will speak my mind

And be absurd or astute

I will find my own love

And be chaste or corrupt

I will live my own life

And be man or a bird as free

~ By aahang

6 comments on “Or A bird as free..

  1. adarnay says:

    Nice, like it a lot. Poetry does write itself, with a little help, and better yet the more you write. The song is in the heart, comes out, as you listen, and then write, but not without, an effort…

    • aahang says:

      You are so right ! I was having a discussion with a friend who wanted to write poetry and I said something quite similar.Its like when the land is fertile you can’t stop germination.So our focus has to be to make ourselves sensitive to the world around us,to feel the pain of others and be happy as the children are.Once your mind and heart are one poetry will just flow – good or bad is for others to decide but for the one who writes it is catharsis,emancipation.
      Hope you are doing well after the slow down.

      • adarnay says:

        All is well. I’d say that in a year you’ll write better poetry than what’s his name–especially if you find someone to set things to music.

      • aahang says:

        That is so very kind of you,Sir.His name is Bob Dylan 🙂

  2. arielle81 says:


    That is a very nice poem.
    Thanks. 🙂


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