When will I write Like Bob Dylan ?

That’s a silly Question.

The answer is never.

But if you  know

That the words are there

You just need to catch them

and  put them together

So they say what you feel

and fill the heart with love

or the mind with rage

The man is a genius !Sample the video above.There is a lot more on You tube.

Advertising signs that con you
Into thinking you're the one
That can do what's never been done
That can win what's never been won
Meantime life outside goes on
All around you.

You lose yourself, you reappear
You suddenly find you got nothing to fear
Alone you stand with nobody near
When a trembling distant voice, unclear
Startles your sleeping ears to hear
That somebody thinks
They really found you.

A question in your nerves is lit
Yet you know there is no answer fit to satisfy
Insure you not to quit
To keep it in your mind and not fergit
That it is not he or she or them or it
That you belong to.

Although the masters make the rules
For the wise men and the fools
I got nothing, Ma, to live up to.

For Biography and complete Lyrics check out website below :


2 comments on “When will I write Like Bob Dylan ?

  1. arielle81 says:

    I love lyric’s.
    They are like peotry set to rhythm.

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