(We’ve) Lost that Loving Feeling

In the year 1977 my father traveled to Europe.He had been awarded a scholarship by WHO to do research at a lab in Malmo,Sweden.I was just 6 years old at that time.It was a 1 year project but I believe he wrapped up a bit early as he was sick of living all alone in a strange land with no one to talk to.Looking at foreign microbes,sashaying along air conditioned corridors,staying in a 15×12 hostel room at the medical college and eating boiled food was not his idea of success ,I believe.

In the year 1978 he returned home.He came back with suitcase load of goodies that he had written about on picture postcards that were handed over to us by the postman day after day and week after week.We were not sure if we were more happy at Papa coming home or with all the gifts and Toys that he had brought us.I remember I felt lucky that we had both.

In his Baggage was strange equipment to play Music.We had so far seen only a tape recorder and a transistor but this thing had all three play back modes available at that time together.It had a transistor,a tape recorder and an LP disc player.We christened it the “3 in 1″.We had a few cassettes that Papa got along with him and the transistor played Vividh Bharti without any options.The problem was the LP player.With a round turntable and a needle to go with it this was the most intriguing part of the 3 in 1.Even my father did not know how exactly it went about churning notes from thin air as the Vinyl disc rotated in circular motion atop the turn table with the silver needle scratching its surface.

One of the songs that Papa had recorded perhaps on a  lonely night in his hostel room was a song by Righteous Brothers.It was called   ” You’ve lost that Loving feeling”Even though I did not understand the meaning of the song I liked it a lot for some strange reason.The voice of the singers was deep and laden with sadness,the notes were perfectly arranged and I just loved the Saxophone , the drums,the cymbals and the bass guitar which made its presence felt in the background….Tum Ta rum Ta rum Ta rum.

Its a beautiful song.In case you really like it and wish to sing along Pls follow You tube video :

30 years down the line I know exactly what it means when your partner does not close her eyes when you kiss and how the tenderness in her fingers is lost.

Innocence is a great gift and even the most painful facts of life can be enjoyed if one does not understand their ugly nature.I guess that is what keeps taking us back to our childhood.

I wish I never loose that Loving feeling but the years keep adding up and something beautiful keeps dyin‘  within me.

The song is also sung wonderfully by Elvis Presley.Later Westlife came up with their version too.

And here’s the one by Tom Cruise in Top Gun.


7 comments on “(We’ve) Lost that Loving Feeling

  1. arielle81 says:


    I LOVE that song! 🙂
    It’s really good.
    Tom Cruise was great in that scene.

    I hope that things look up for you and your sweetheart soon.

    • aahang says:

      Like in all relationships we have “off” time and “on” time.If the downtime gets more its time to go to the workshop and get some repairs done.Also,mostly I am to blame for the rough driving.By Gods grace its a smooth ride now.
      I guess the bumps keep the ride interesting.What say ??

  2. shilpa says:

    The words almost echo back into my years … i guess it happens to all of us, u can say it is biochem at work

  3. Neha Kapoor says:

    “I wish I never loose that Loving feeling but the years keep adding up and something beautiful keeps dyin‘ within me.”

    How ironic and so true.

  4. Blog Gore says:

    I haven’t hear the song… I may never need to hear it… Your words have conveyed that I might have never interpreted…

    Great post… cheers…

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