Mayawati and her statues

In his famous Nazm Awaara ,Majaz  is  disenchanted with the way things are around him.He is tormented by the fact that while so many cannot even afford a life of dignity the rulers are indulging in acts of debauchery.Their evenings filled with wine and music  draw their resources from poverty of hungry souls they have as their subjects.He laments at his inability to take away the wealth and status from these satanic hands and set ablaze their palaces and seats of unbridled power.

ले के एक चंगेज़ के, हाथों से खंज़र तोड़ दूँ                           maya
ताज पर उसके दमकता, है जो पत्थर तोड़ दूँ
कोई तोड़े या न तोड़े, मैं ही बढ़कर तोड़ दूँ
ऐ ग़म-ए-दिल क्या करूँ, ऐ वहशत-ए-दिल क्या करूँ

बढ़ के इस इंदर-सभा का, साज़-ओ-सामाँ फूँक दूँ
इस का गुलशन फूँक दूँ, उस का शबिस्ताँ फूँक दूँ
तख्त-ए-सुल्ताँ क्या, मैं सारा क़स्र-ए-सुल्ताँ फूँक दूँ
ऐ ग़म-ए-दिल क्या करूँ, ऐ वहशत-ए-दिल क्या करूँ

I wonder if the laborers who built the statues and stone gardens on acres and acres of land in Lucknow would have felt the same.More than the ugliness that mocks the residents of this city of subtle charms it is the low caste workers who would agree with Majaz.

What would be going on in their minds while hammering away the sandstone day in and day out for month’s together at 40 Degrees temperature ?

What would they be thinking while eating and sleeping on the roads besides the so called historical marvel they were creating ?

Would they be feeling a sense of pride  making  lifeless structures of dead materials when they were defecating in the open ?

Was this the promise of the Dalit and poor upliftment and social justice ??

Was this why they had voted the their Queen to power ?

Going by back of the envelope calculations let us see what could have been accomplished from the Rs 5000 crores spent by Mayawati on parks,memorials,statues and monuments in the state with the lowest social indicators in the world !

Mid day meals @ Rs 2 for 5 crore children 3 years

Toilets @ Rs10000 serving a community of 20 people – For 10 crore people

School Bags and Uniforms @ 1000 a piece – for 50 Lakhs children

Housing @ Rs 1 lakh for rural poor – 5 lakh houses

Solar Lighting  for Village community halls @ Rs 25000 – 20 lakh villages

Ambulances in villages for medical aid @ Rs 5 lakh – 1 lakh

The list could be endless and we can have combinations for optimizing the impact on society.

Obviously for a narcissist the first priority is to satisfy their own ego than to look at others around them even if they are the ones who are enablers of this act of self aggrandizement.It completely beats me how the Dalit cause is strengthened by making statues that cannot speak a word or do a thing.It would have been more worthwhile if Mayawati went around distributing money to whomsoever fell on her feet.If she gave Rs500 on an average, 5 crore people would have done that and at a rate of 1000 per day it was enough to last a life time(whatever is left of it).But education especially math is important to be able to do that and as per Up government that is something least important.

The (non) development data I have is from UP government’s website in which they seem to be laughing at their own numbers when compared to other states and even sub Saharan Africa.The best part is that they can still call it a Rainbow land ! Someone has been really creative and upfront in the information department.

Of course the Rainbow in UP is of just one color – blue .What a fool’s paradise  !

I strongly feel that it is not Mayawati’s fault.Someone should have just shown her the website and she would have known that she does not rule Vatican city but UP where Toilets are more important than statues.


8 comments on “Mayawati and her statues

  1. Neha Kapoor says:

    I’m glad u wrote abt this.

  2. Avanish says:

    Good that you have penned your thoughts on this issue and that too with such strong numbers. Such colossal waste of money I have never witnessed anywhere. It was in the ages of Maharajas and Nawabs that these things may have happened (and that too in rich states) and not in a democratically elected govt with people’s representatives squandering public money like this.
    And I am more than bewildered at the data and facts given in the UP website link. Is it some kind of sweet revenge by someone in that deptt or it gives them pleasure to proubdly announce how near they are to the bottom or what?? really really laughable if you don’t want to feel sorry for the sad state in our UP!

    • aahang says:

      Babu has taken his little revenge.The website is in English so Madam will never know 🙂
      To put things into perspective Wajid Ali Shah the beloved ruler of Awadh (Lucknow and adjoining regions) built,demolished and rebuilt the Imambara several times to give work to his subjects as they would not take money as alms.Till date it remains a symbol of beauty,wonder and pride for the People of Lucknow.
      Also most rulers created artistic and architectural landmarks such as Taj Mahal,Victoria Memorial,Mysore Palace and not ugly blunders as the Parivartan Chowk and Ambedkar sthal.Looking at the rows of elephants you are not sure if you want to laugh more or cry more.

  3. Blog Gore says:

    I have to say, unfortunately, that know very little about the ground realities in UP. Whatever I know is what is known to everyone through media. I do know that the situation at the ground level is not very inspiring.

    At the same time, It would be interesting to get into Mayawati’s head. She is anything but a fool. She would have known the negative repercussions of narcissistic behavior. And therefore, I would like to believe that there is very strong rationale behind her actions. Obviously, they benefit no one apart from her. But still – what is in her dangerous head…

    • aahang says:

      At the risk of being called a ‘Manuwadi’ , I have observed that the slave mentality is so deeply rooted in Backward castes that the only way to get them to respond is to show them a larger than life picture.You must be remembering the case when Orissa Chief Minister was dismissed by congress High command after his son was caught in a bribe scandal.I was aghast to hear what the chief minister ( a former IAS officer) had to say.He said”इस देश में एक तो चौखट है जहां अगर मैं अपनी नाक रगडूंगा तो मुझे इंसाफ ज़रूर मिलेगा ,और वो सोनिया जी की चौखट है” .He was a Dalit.
      Now if a IAS chief Minister can say something as servile as this just imagine how the Backward and Scheduled caste poor feel about their Mai Baap’s.The whole idea behind this stony love is that – to create larger than life image of herself as some Goddess who has taken Avatar to free the Dalits from the clutches of Upper caste tormentors.I have seen many of these folks from distant and remote Villages roaming about wide eyed on the roads of Lucknow.They would not even think twice before boarding the tops of the trains to participate in rallies and get themselves electrocuted or get themselves stamped at one such occasion.
      I strongly feel that her calculations have gone awry this time and she seems to be loosing ground fast among her vote bank.But yes I also know that she is a big comeback artiste and must be busy practicing her next trick.Let us wait and watch.

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