Droplets on my window

The train moves

Swift and sometimes restrained

Hopeful , fast ,speeding                                          Image268

Sad and slow

as my thoughts

The scene outside changes

from parched landscape

seeking rain

To a green patch with paddy

There are large Junctions

crossing paths

and to break the monotony

Some smaller stops

They are all on my way

each with its own role to play

These droplets of rain

on my window

every  one a reminder

of a place or a person

The train gathers speed

approaching a new horizon

and  the drops fade one by one

with a force that breaks them away

What’s left of them

will be soaked in by the sun

And the promise of a new day

भागती जाती है रेल

कभी तेज़ कभी रुकी रुकी सी

जोश और उत्साह

निराशा और दुख

जैसे मेरा मन

द्र्श्य बदलता रहता है

सूखी धरती

आसमान ताकती है

फिर आ जाते हैं हरे भरे खेत

लहलहाते हुए

बडे  जं क्शन  आकर

राहें बदल देते हैं और

छोटे छोटे स्टेशन छूट कर

मिटाते देते हैं सफर की ऊब को

ये सब मेरे सफर का हिस्सा हैं

और सबका एक किरदार है

ये जो बूंदे हैं ना

मेरी खिड्की के शीशे पर

याद दिलाती हैं

किसी और वक़्त की

किसी और शख़्स की

तभी रेल बढा देती है रफ्तार

नये क्षितिज को पाने के लिये

ये वेग यादों को ठ्हरने नही देता और

एक एक कर बूंदें धूमिल होनें लगती हैं

जो शेष रह जायेगा इनका

वो  कल का सूरज सोख लेगा

रह जायेगी तो बस उम्मीद

एक नये दिन की

~ By Aahang

~ The picture was taken by me en route to Bhopal near Eastern Ghats

6 comments on “Droplets on my window

  1. Ravinder says:

    A Nice Post. Good to Read.

  2. shilpa says:

    the poem is so nice .. poignant and sensitive, don’t know what to say. Very good !

  3. Ashish S says:

    I am not able to count how many times i traveled on a train, but i am definitely sure that each journey has a memory associated with it. Such is life!

    • aahang says:

      There is something romantic about a journey or rail and road which gets missed out is a more business like environment of air travel or may be money makes people colder.

  4. Avanish says:

    a good reflection of the journey of life, filled with several memories, people, stations of life and all……and everything fading away for a new begining.
    and the poem is good in both languages, though i like the hindi one better
    I like the troughts and crests of happiness and sadness, the highs and lows and the greys that your poems and stories reflect. somewhere a refelction of our own personality perhaps…

    • aahang says:

      Pain and pleasure are both important in life as each fulfills the other.But change is often associated with discomfort so it has a larger role to play in shaping the world around us.

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