Shahenshah E Qawwali

This is a very special post for several reasons :

1.Once again I am highlighting something Lucknowi

2.Murli Master is known as Shahan Shah e Qawwali and his rendition and style was so impeccable that Nustrat Fateh ali Khan was one his biggest fans

3.Murli Master is a Muslim but his father was called Kanhai Qawwal and his son Raju Qawwal.Typical of Lucknow where all religions have co existed for centuries and so enmeshed that sometimes Hindus feel they half Muslim and the other way round too

4.The tradition is generations old and you can see a younger Raju alongside his Father Murli who is already 80 years old when the recording was done at Firnagi Mahal at Lucknow.

5.Murli eveloved the famous Takraar style of Qawwali singing in which the same bandish is repeated several times with increasing tempo to create a sama for the devotees

6.The family sang only at the Dargah’s and all Qawwalis are in praise of the peer – Khwaja Ajmer Sharif,Khwaja Nijamuddin and Dewa Sharif ..etc.

7.In a typical Oudhi lehza the qawwali’s use urdu as well as Oudhi as a linguistic medium something which can be largely attributed to Amir Khasrau

आ जा मोरे नैनों में साजना , मैं तो तन मन डारूंगी वार पिया

आशिक़ हूं जिसका दिल से वो सूरत यही तो है


4 comments on “Shahenshah E Qawwali

  1. Many thanks for this set of Murli Qawwal. I last him over fifty years ago when I was a student in Bombay. Even then, as a young Qawwal, he was known for his intensity and the beautiful Sufi songs in his repertoire. His voice has smoothened somewhat, but at time, it always amazed me that this singer, who always sounded asif he had a sore throat, could keep us entranced all night with his singing. I had forgotten his name, but always wondered about him, and then I came across the word Murli in another context and remembered. Typed Murli Quwwal in Google search, and there he was, as amazing as ever. Thanks again, Asif

    • aahang says:

      Hi Asif, its rather sad that such gems in our culture remain unexplored and are being pushed towards extinction by the new age culture which largely does not appreciate the finery in such art forms as Qawwali.I am glad I could bring some joy to you and some recognition to Murali, the extraordinary Singer !!

  2. Sourav Roy says:

    Hey Aahang!
    Nice blog you have here.. Give me some more time to thoroughly go through your posts and post you a consolidated review.
    I realized you have linked Sankalp India Foundation in your blogroll. I’m priviliged to be one of the 30 volunteers of Sankalp. How did you come across my organization?

    • aahang says:

      Hi Sourav,
      Look forward to your feedback. As you write yourself I would look forward to your views on my own poems and short stories published under the category By Aahang. This should really help me improve my work.
      Thanks and wish you all the best for Sankalp !

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