Hacked !!!

A bastard came and hacked my blog

I wish he goes to hell

The theme has changed

My comments gone

and it does not look too well

If I come to know of this twisted brain

I will stamp all over their face

there is no place for such assholes

who have  fallen so low from grace

If you too face a similar fate

I tell you what to do

Keep on writing just some more

like  you don’t care its who ?

PS : don’t forget to change your password.Writing poetry on every damn thing is not enough


8 comments on “Hacked !!!

  1. Neha Kapoor says:

    You got hacked? thats so bad!!

    • aahang says:

      I read somewhere that Blogs with more traffic and higher page rank are prone to hacking so finally I think I am important enough for someone to waste his time hacking my blog.See there is a bright side to everything,even hacking 🙂 😉

  2. arielle81 says:


    Wow. I’m sorry.
    Mine has been acting funny today. Hopefully it’s not the same thing.
    Well, just keep writing. You know I’ll be back to see what’s new. 🙂
    Can WordPress reset it?

    • rajnish kumar says:

      Thanks for your solidarity.
      We have a saying in Hindi which goes like ” the hand that preserves has more strength than the one that destroys”. It can be reset in wordpress easily.

  3. arielle81 says:


    Wow. I’m sorry.
    Is that happening to a lot of other blogs, too?
    Because mine is acting funny today. I can’t see any visitor history from today, the weeks, or the months. I tried but, I figured maybe it was a glitch.

    • rajnish kumar says:

      Blogs with more traffic and higher page rank are prone to hacking.But mine does not qualify for either.For specific problems check out with wordpress,they are quite prompt in setting things straight.Have a great day !

  4. Avanish says:

    Who the hell can do that??? absolutley crazy!! some people can’t be creative so they become just destructive, because creation needs a lot of time intelligence, time, thinking, effort …. and destruction perhaps only pushing the delete button!! But your last line is the best treatment for these dwarfed minions, keep wirting big brother!!!!

    • rajnish kumar says:

      I have no idea but wordpress informed that there was a password reset request again today which probably means another failed attempt.

      या रब ज़माना मिटाता है मुझको किसलिए
      लौहे जहां पे हर ए मुकरर्र नहीं हूं मैं

      Why the world wants to see my end
      I am not a word which can be re written on this world’s slate

      you are right i will just ….keep walking

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