Children of a playful god

Have been on the road for a while and did not get much time to post anything.Between airport lounges,boardroom meetings and Taxi rides it struck me that most of the people I met with,looked at or came across were trying to prove a point ,to themselves if not to anyone else.

I am a business Manager                             DSC02424

I am a Vice President

I am a go getter

I am an achiever

What no one seemed to exhibit was a simple statement which perhaps drives whatever we do in Life.All this while I felt a very strong urge to stand up and shout :

I am Happy,I am at peace with myself,I am joyous about the world around me.I am…..just I am.

I guess saying that would mean stepping down from my current status of a harassed,overworked,struggling,upwardly mobile executive.I am none of that and I do not wish to be any of that.I just wish to be me not judged by anyone,not playing to live up to my image,not answering anyone or asking any questions to others.Just existing and being alive,aware.

I have always found happiness to be a very rational and logical choice.There is a lot to be gained if I keep myself amused as the world passes by  and there is everything to be lost if I chose to crib and sulk.I am not saying that I do not indulge in those activities but I am always aware that I am doing it for the sake of it.Deep down I am unmoved,unchallenged.

Its Janamashtmi today and sadly enough I will be arriving home well after Lord Krishna is ‘born’. Through his life Krishna gave a message be playful,be joyous,to have nothing to loose or to gain.We have many lives.There IS no hurry.Be patient,enjoy the journey.

I had a debate with a friend who was reading Bertrand Russel’s treatise on religion.He asked me the question : why did God create the world ?And I told him what Tulsidas said when he was asked why did he write Ramcharitmanas : Swantah Sukhaya which simply translates : for his sheer satisfaction/pleasure.There cannot be any other reason.This is why we do most of the things we do and perhaps it applies to our creator too.If you consider it God does not have to go through an appraisal process so he ‘HAD’ to create the world else he will be given a lower rating.There is no one who can force him to do anything.He does not owe anyone of us a favor so what else ?He could not believe it and said it is a silly assumption.Well I believe in it as it is the only thing that gives meaning to my life and all that happens around me.I cannot otherwise explain the death,disease and the misery.Just like in a video game you keep playing for pleasure and do not mind if you loose a life ,being alive or dead cease to have  a context when you know that it is just a game in which each player has as many lives as there could be till he gets the perfect score,Nirvana,Moksha or whatever else you may call it !

So what have I done about it ??Nothing just been playful doing things for my own pleasure.

I hanged the showpiece in my company guest house in a funny posture and asked the caretaker to make sure it doesn’t change till my next trip.He thought I had lost it and I loved the expression on his face.

I realigned the basketballs at Reebok Office in a certain manner which I thought was funny while waiting for the meeting to start.Those who worked in that office thought something was weird but could not figure out what.I was amused yet again.

I made faces at a 5 year old riding back from school dressed in Krishna attire…………she teased me back.

I smiled .Both of us were children of a playful God.

** I wrote this post on the free internet connection provided at the Airport Lounge at Delhi and saved Rs.30 worth of internet time 🙂

15 comments on “Children of a playful god

  1. There is obviously a lot to learn. There are some good points here.

    Robert Shumake

  2. Grayquill says:

    So what have I done about it ??Nothing just been playful doing things for my own pleasure
    I think if you truly believe this comment it leads the the oppoite of where you want to go. Happiness is it not a by product of how we live our lives? Serving, giving, sacrificing, thinking of others before ourselves are they not the things that give true contentment?

    • aahang says:

      Dear Grayquill,
      Thanks for your comments.Your thoughts do bring in a new perspective.
      While I agree that sharing and giving to others bring us happiness ,it is also true that a mind that’s free and joyful can actually be the one that brings happiness about itself in the true sense.
      When we say that you should do things for your own happiness it is not to be taken literally so it looks selfish.It has a deeper and more profound meaning.If you help others it should be more from a sense of joy and pleasure than a sense of sacrifice and duty.The results on these two occasions will be different.
      I believe that God helps us because he wants to help us.He loves us because he wants to love us.He shares with us because he wants to share with us……and that is how he is forever playful.

      • Grayquill says:

        Hmmm…I don’t get what you are saying. It seems if you meant something different than what you said, would it not have been easier and better just to say what you meant in the first place.
        “,it is also true that a mind that’s free and joyful can actually be the one that brings happiness about itself in the true sense” I have sat an tried to figure out what this means but it makes no sense to me.
        I get the duty versus motivation but I don’t see how you separate them. Are they not one and the same? Like a rope braided together? One doing something out of strictly duty – it becomes drudgery but even drudgery can be done for a short time or a long time if purpose is at its base.
        Take a man who has to care for his invalid wife – it is drudgery but at the base might be love or maybe it is simply duty. But it is the man’s choice. If he chooses do be faithful and do his duty at the end of the day he will know he filled a purpose that day and that knowledge will have a satisfying contentment as its reward.

      • aahang says:

        I think you got across the point well and may be we are trying to say the same thing with different words.Simply put ‘ If you love what you do ,you don’t have to work for a day’ and if you do not love what you do you are cheating on yourself and everyone else.Such a mind is bound to be at stress,hence no peace within or without.
        I really enjoyed my conversations with you.You are always welcome to my blog.Thank you.
        Have a lovely day !!

  3. Avanish says:

    Lovely post! I liked the title, the content esp your explanation about why God created the world and later the cute things you did to amuse yourself.

    Well philosphically there are treatise on why God created the world but swanta sukhaye fits it well and your similie to the video game is very rational. Really if we know it is all different rounds of a game, our attitude and spirit towards life would be so different!

  4. Jayant says:

    I really liked the point of view. God Bless!

  5. Hi there,
    This is my first time on your blog & I’m quite mesmerized by it.

    I really liked your views on Happiness. Right now I’m reading H.H.Dalai Lama’s “The Art of Happiness”. And there too he insists on Happiness being a state of Mind.

    Have a great time. 🙂

    • aahang says:

      Hi, Welcome to my blog. I am glad you found it interesting.Hope you will keep coming back !!
      Thank you.

  6. Arsen Darnay says:

    Right on, Rajnish! Too many jackasses around impressed by themselves! Made me remember those times of my life when I had to travel endlessly and considered most of that time (and money) wasted. Glad you managed to have some fun–and I agree with you. God creates because it pleases him–and to the extent that we can be creative ourselves, to that extent we’re tuned in to Reality. The rest is sheer illusion. I’m glad I bumped into you almost by accident over those jerks at alphainventions….

    • aahang says:

      Just wrote what came from the heart and I am glad it striked a chord with you.
      Thanks for your comments.I look forward to the and they do mean a lot to me.I always feel I have loads to learn from your life experience.

  7. Blog Gore says:

    Delightful post… I long for my lost innocence… now I promise to bring it back

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