O’ Calcutta !

Calcutta or Kolkata as of now has a unique character.At the first instant its stark – misery,squalor and chaos are discomforting but as you visit again and again the sights and sounds start becoming a part of your psyche.

Its life – at its fullest;  struggling for survival one moment and ecstatic at its existence the other.The human drama unfolds and like a black hole of emotions it sucks you in.Before you know you are a part of the landscape.

The Rs 2 a plate lunch,the casual hangouts(addas),the maidan(big ground),Victoria Memorial,The Howrah bridge,The new market and the river Ganges catch you unaware and with a slow pace that’s so characteristic of this ‘City of Joy’ seep in to become a part of you forever.

Here are some images that got etched in my mind …









4 comments on “O’ Calcutta !

  1. Choco says:

    Got this link from “As The Mind Meanders”. The very first para is so true..You have captured the essence of Kolkata so well. 🙂

    • aahang says:

      Many thanks for visiting and your comment.I can say for Kolkata ” you miss a beat ,you loose the rhythm” so most of us can’t look beyond what meets the eye.

  2. Arsen Darnay says:

    Thanks for that. Here in the West we need trusted and knowledgable “ambassadors,” as it were, to interpret vast phenomena like Calcutta for us–and you did a great job with a few evocative words and a handful of shots!!

    Also think that the poem that came after is a winner too.

    • aahang says:

      Re : Poem – Just wanted to give words to an amazing piece nature had thrown at me.
      I would recommend you to read Dominique Lapierre’s ” City Of Joy” which was later filmed with Patrick Swayze in it.Here’s the link for more info :
      city of Joy

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