The sky …

There are Images I need to complete my own reality.

~ Jim Morrison

The road goes places

I go with it

The river flows

I flow with it

My mind is numb

words can’t take shape

and give meaning

to the void

they just

float in the air

Its a starry night

I shout at the sky

my words come back


Vast and silent

the nothingness stares back at me

Its  haunting

as my frustration mounts

Is there anybody out there ?

I am tired of living

waking up









I wish I could take my self away

from me

look at it from outside

so it starts making sense

But for now

I am sure

Its not this……It can’t be.

2 comments on “The sky …

  1. Arsen Darnay says:

    I am exhaustion but sleep restores and then the sky takes up its song again.

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