Ranting the rural mantra

All of us have heard about the herd mentality but if you want to see a live demo you have to look at the Indian businesses.

A few years ago someone said ‘Retail’ and lo and behold ! Before you could blink an eyelid every company worth the name was trying to sell something or the other.Expatriates were summoned,consultants hired,large number of so called retail professionals were roped in and  larger number of stores were rolled out.

Just 3 years down the line  -you ask any CEO or manager who was till now going to chart a blazing path and they will tell you that they are cooling their heels by consolidating.The wait is for the ever elusive customer and the watch is strictly on the costs which are bleeding the other profitable group ventures.With every second retail “chain” going astray retail has suddenly become an abused four letter word.

I can hardly stop myself from getting amused when people talk about their business models,revenue streams and unique positioning.Feel like saying”oh yeah! I wonder why no other ass… ever thought about it.The problem is that the ideas are so great that they are beyond the customer .The poor guy who is just looking for some fresh veggies fails to register the traceability and sustainability aspects of the innovative supply chains.

This is how most of these SCM models are working :   Image132

Farm> Farmer>agent>wholesaler>Retailer

You may ask whats the big deal.I would say its a million dollar question.The only perceivable difference is that you would earlier have seen all Subzi wallahs in the Monda market now you can find a few managers too.

Anyways , coming back to the herd mentality.The buzz word as of the moment is rural.Anybody who is anybody has a rural strategy and a expansion plan in place.The tier 2 and tier 3 towns which were considered god forsaken lands have suddenly transformed into fiefdoms of milk and honey.The poor farmer who was hanging himself for not being able to pay his debts is no less than the Sultan of Brunei today! Let alone steal the wallet every manager worth his salt is ready to plunder the riches flowing in the hinterland through government schemes such as NREGA.After all the payment being made is in dollars yaar !

Hey what are you doing these days ?

Oh I am looking at the rural space.We are targeting Sec C and Sec D in Tier 4 towns.

Man ! you have gone really deep.

You bet.Our plans are even bigger.In the next wave we will cover the cattle too.

From Wall street to Wadala the rant is becoming louder – we will ,we will rob you…we will we will rob you….we will we will rob you.

Let us see how many come back beaten and bruised from this misadventure.

एक शेर नज़र है :

अभी कमसिन हैं ,नाज़ुक हैं अदाएं इनकी

उस पे मचले हैं कि हम खून ए ज़िगर देखेंगे

तो देखो भैया पर याद रख्नना कि ” बहुत कठिन है डगर पनघट की…..”

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