Mountains and a sick man

There are Images I need , to complete my own reality  ~ Jim Morrison

The ways of nature are strange but as Marcus Aurelius says we are born out of nature and as we grow in our understanding of things we must find meaning in every single act of nature.If the birds sings its to a purpose ,if the breeze is refreshing it is not without reason, If the sun is shining it is to keep our spirits cheerful.

With the onset of winter I suffer from a seasonal allergy which makes the inner lining of my nose swell making it difficult to breathe.It is manageable for most part but on some days it gets really worse.Last Friday was one such day.I had gone for a tour to north India and the temperature suddenly fell by a 10 degrees.My sleep was disturbed and I woke up breathless at 4:30 AM,gasping for oxygen.With all the medication the symptoms eased a bit but stayed back.I had to catch a flight back to Hyderabad from Lucknow which was making me a bit tense as the closed compartment of the plane does not really help the case.Anyways, I decided to go ahead and took a few more shots from the Inhaler.

As I wanted to catch on some sleep I had taken a window seat.I watched the passengers coming in one by one,the air hostesses doing their chores and ground staff moving about like ants with a purpose.It seemed to me that I was the only sick man around.I just hated the feeling and cursed the weather and the reaction of my own immune system to it.

We were airborne in a few minutes and things started settling down.Someone was listening to an i pod,someone was reading a book,someone was munching on their chicken sandwich and others were chatting away or taking an afternoon nap.To be breathless is nagging ,it just does not let you rest in peace.The restlessness can grow to an extent that you can have a panic attack.I tried doing doing ‘pranayaam’ as it always helps to control the problem.But all said and done I was feeling miserable.

To take my mind off the state I was in, I decided to look out of the window.I always get a sense of eternal peace looking at the expanded horizon,the vast nothingness,the lonely cloud or the setting sun.Somewhere deep down I feel That I am connected with the sky scape, not sure if I am a  part of it or is it a part of me. Just as I was looking out I found something white and shiny reflecting the sun where the earth met the sky.It was quite unusual as this meeting point is  a dull space usually.I focused a little more as the plane took a slight turn and the object of my attention drew closer. I could not believe my eyes !

They were the great Himalayan ranges I was looking at ,spread point to point across the entire horizon.I wanted to sum it up in a word glorious, magnificent,awe inspiring but nothing could capture my emotions.I kept staring out transfixed by what nature had decided to put before my eyes.

An overwhelming sense of joy took over me.Suddenly I was at peace with myself.My body responded to my mental state.I felt as if a new life is getting into me with the mountains.The fresh air from the pristine landscape was filing my lungs – Oxygen,oxygen and more Oxygen.The Himalayas were calling comforting me that its no big deal – you will be fine.The one who made me and the mountain had decided to make it happen.Filled with fresh energy and a sense of belonging to eternity I wondered if the Himalayas would have felt the same as me.Or did my silent admiration went unnoticed ?

Amused with myself I looked around.

The scene inside had not changed much …..

One comment on “Mountains and a sick man

  1. Arsen Darnay says:

    Wondrous post, my friend. The light of it lit up my overcast morning…

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