creativity and commerce

Sometimes I am not sure if I am a creative business person or a business person with creativity.The question bothers me most when I am in the thick of a commercial activity and my creative brain just ceases to be alive.No matter how hard I try I am unable to bring up anything that is even worth typing let alone putting it up on the blog.At other times when I am more relaxed or one with nature it just flows.I have even woken up with a poetry in mind !

So the question – what is better ? to make more money and loose sleep and creative intelligence or to be satisfied with what you have and keep getting inspired from life.

Both conditions make me happy.Business is like a poem to me.There is most certainly an element of creativity and when I couple this with action it yields tangible results that will change other people’s lives including mine,physically.

But when I just sit back and write I feel complete and at peace with myself.There is no more an urge to get up and do something in the material sense.Mind becomes most important and all that happens remains in a non physical state.There is nothing that you can touch but a lot that you can feel.The only possession is there is your thoughts.It is an inspired ,charged state where everything has meaning and makes sense.

Will close before the ramblings take a life of their own but really that is the confused state I am in.

Need to sort it out or may be just let it be…enjoy the turbulence.

Whats the point in living if you already figured it all out.Right ??


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