My blog is 1 year old

I celebrated my blogs anniversary on the 30th November 09 but kept awfully busy the next 15-20 days so could not get time to even celebrate this glorious moment.

Through the year I have got a lot of encouragement not only from fellow bloggers but also from the public at large – folks who do not know me and still care to read my writing and comment on it from across the world.Cheers !

Actually the people I know including some who claim to  be quite close have been a big disappointment but it doesn’t matter.

Few numbers just for the heck of it  :

1. Total number of hits – 33349

2.Visitors from across the globe as per clustermaps

3.Google page rank of 2 ( not too impressive but not too bad either for a personal blog)

4.Alexa rating of 3.5

5. 47th rank among all blogs posted by Indiblogger a forum for Indian blogs

6.I have a total of 210 posts in 6 categories and 416 comments

7.Last but not the least the value of my blog is $ 1175.00 , so I can sell it for Rs 50000 to anyone of you ( if you want that is)

Well what do I say ? its a great feeling – something I created ,something my very own ,something very personal has taken a form that not only acts as a sounding board but is also a true and original friend.

Today I promise my blog that I will come back to it at least once a week and post something.I have stopped looking at the stats anyways so it is easier now.

29 comments on “My blog is 1 year old

  1. Neha Kapoor says:

    Many many congratulations 🙂

  2. good job. Keep writing. PR2 within 1 year is very good

  3. Ravi sharan says:

    Dear Friend,

    Apnon ke diye dukh mein sukh dhoondo.

    Agar hum hi sab padh daalte to Ghair apne kaise bante.

    Dost, Humne to tumse pyaar kiya hai, tumhari, Shaksiyat , akal hunar ya likhawat se nahin.

    Tum to hamare dilo-O -Dimag par chaye ho , ye Blog kya cheez hai!
    Happy One Year!

    • aahang says:

      मतलब आप पढेंगे फिर भी नहीं . मैं भी आपको जीने नहीं दूंगा जब तक आप मेरी सभी कहानियों की समीक्षा नहीं कर डालते.

      मीठी बातों से मुझे बेहलाने की सभी कोशिशं नाकाम साबित होंगी , बताये देता हूं हां !!

  4. Shas says:

    Congratulations! on turning one. Hope u have a wonderful blogging journey ahead.

  5. उन्मुक्त says:

    अरे हिन्दी में क्यों नहीं लिखते।

    • aahang says:

      I did not write in Hindi as my blog has several readers from outside India.My posts are in English as well as in Hindi too.I love the language and would never dare to disrespect my mother tongue. जिगर क खयाल देखिये :

      एक लफ्ज़ ए मोहब्बत का अदना सा फसाना है

      सिमटे तो दिल ए आशिक़ फैले तो ज़माना है

      While promoting a language is a good cause my humble request to you is not to get so set in your ways that you start finding what everyone else is doing absurd.It is always good to stop and think,smell the flowers by the roadside….have patience !

  6. Mentalist says:

    Superb Website! Compliments on the great job!

  7. Somesh says:

    Now these are some impressive stats…i m sure the next anniversary of this blog will be something BIG!!

  8. shilpa says:

    Congratulations.., a beautiful journey for you and such a pleasure for all of us who read it to be able to hear your thoughts, feels like being a part of your life. Keep it up

  9. Arsen Darnay says:

    Haooy Birthday, aahang! What an achievement, what a huge audience! And no wonder. Such delightful, interesting, and varied content! May you blog on!!!

  10. Himanshu Pandey says:

    matter of stats always enjoins you in frustration. It is good to be unaware of it.

    I’m always waiting something more impressive, more interesting and more creative here.

    Congrats for a year.

    • aahang says:

      Thanks Himanshu.
      अच्छा है दिल के पास रहे पासबान ए अक्ल , लेकिन कभी कभी इसे तन्हा भी छोड दे.

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