The world eluded me …

भागती फिरती थी दुनिया जब तलब करते थे हम

जब से नफरत हो गयी ये बेक़रार आने को है              

I chased the world and it eluded me

I renounced and it’s after me now

Connecting the dots of my life sometimes I have come across situations where the above quote ( my grandpa’s legacy) has helped me explain things to myself.I don’t know if it has something to do with Murphy’s law but once you decide that I don’t care the world around you starts realigning itself to lure you in.When you have risen above a subject it represents itself in a more interesting manner, the scene unfolds and transforms itself into something exciting,people who were strangers give you a warmer smile and your bank accounts starts to swell when you have opted for a simple life.

I appear therefore I am says Maya

I am blinded and I can’t see says me.

In the perpetual fight between the illusion of Maya and the reality of existence Maya wins invariably.I have wondered why ?Perhaps because we are limited by our senses which filter the information before passing it on to the intellect which is in turn burdened by years of conditioning habituated to respond in the same old way.

To get the right picture I will have to step out of the frame.Train my senses for a more direct perception so it feeds the intellect with data that is not colored or blurred by sensory malfunction.As this happens the awareness levels will go up and I will be able to sift between right and wrong not necessarily in a worldly way but in more spiritual sense.

Its a long journey but I have taken the first steps.I am experimenting with the above idea and the more it proves to be correct the stronger is my conviction to change myself and not the world around me.

6 comments on “The world eluded me …

  1. Arsen Darnay says:

    That’s a good road you’re on! In my own experience, outside the frame, even if only a short while every day, we are in the land of sovereignty and even the steps in the ordiary realm of Maya become a lot more sure.

    • aahang says:

      Sometimes I wonder if we could watch ourselves from the outside and may be go back a few years ahead in time how our current actions would amuse us.Perhaps that’s what defines the difference between us and God.

  2. Avanish says:

    The opening couplet aptly sums up what happens in many a lives sometime or the other!!
    However, I have a different opinion on your observation about our senses filtering any info and then presenting to intellect. Senses are just like any instrument with no colour or bias of their own. The impressions, prejudices, biases are all functions of the ‘mind’ or ‘maya’ at play. That is why the same object or situation can be perceived in so many different ways by different people.
    To come out of maya, we have to see things ‘as they are’ or basically without any pre-conceived notion or experiences attached to it. This is possible only when we see things only in ‘present’ or only as ‘is’ and not as ‘was’ or ‘will be’. Then we will be out of maya because existence is only ‘is’. And maya is the veil over this existence.
    Well too much philosophy but bascially trying to say that we have to work at our mind or the intellect and not the sense organs for maya to go.

    • aahang says:

      Baba Monu ki jaya ho ! aap ne to hamaree ankhein hi khol dee.
      अपनी गोदी आप ही खेलें बन कर मोहन लाला

      आप ही पीवें आप पिलावें आप फिरे मतवाला
      हर में हर को देखा बाबा ,हर में हर को देखा

  3. Himanshu Pandey says:

    कुछ ऐसा है इन पंक्तियों ने भी कहा है –
    “जो खूब सहेजा था वो पास नहीं लेकिन
    जो खूब लुटाया था, अब भी है खजाने में ।”

    क्रिसमस और नववर्ष की हार्दिक शुभकामनायें ।

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