3 idiots – Aamir,Vinod and TOI

I had no intention of commenting on the ongoing controversy between Chetan Bhagat and 3 idiots filmmakers but today’s Times of India compelled me into writing this piece.

Over the last 4-5 years I have felt this so many times that all birdbrained peeping toms have been given a mike , a camera and a laptop and they have started calling themselves Journalists.My belief was reaffirmed today.To quote from OUR TAKE section of the story :

When the team of 3 idiots says that the flick is not an adaptaion of Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point someone : what not to do at IIT,they echo others who have both read the book and seen the film,whom we spoke to.That includes our staffers,who opine that the two are different,with the movie being”loosely” based on the book.

Oh my my even your staffers are saying that.It must be true then.Hai na.I mean even the TOI staffers !

Then they go on to describe each scene as mouth pieces of Vinod Chopra and how it is  so very creatively different and hence a master piece in itself.Jaago Re – this is not a point out the difference puzzle !!! We all know that the child birth scene was not there, the girl could not make up her mind and Aamir ran away and impersonated.

That is not even the controversy.What Chetan is pointing out is a case of mala fide intention by giving the credit at the fag end when people would have already gone out of the theaters or switched off the DVD players.And he is damn right.Mala fide intention it is and nothing else.

Would like to put forward a few questions to the intelligent,thinking and creative readers of this blog;-) unlike fools like me who read the TOI in the morning :

1.Why was the movie made in the first place

2.What difference would it have made if Aamir had not run away

3.Do you care if the friends go out seeking their mate in the hills or they find him in the alleys of Laxmi Nagar.How creative baba !!

4.Isn’t the essence of the movie and the book exactly the same

5.How many girls run away from their marriage ceremony in India as against sleep with their boy friends before marriage and then marry someone else.It is just a pathetic sequence that all Mumbai walas have started putting in their flims nowadays starting Dil hai ki maanta nahin and the agian in Dil Chahta hai.And Aamir seems to have special soft corner for this one .May be it is his secret wish that never got fulfilled.To me its laughable and childish.

Yesterday I was seeing Aamir’s interview on India TV and when one girl in the audience asked him that what would be his dream project he said that it would be Maha Bharat.But then it would take him 5 years to research it and another 20 years to make it.By God Mr Perfect Hypocrite ! And you did not even find time to read a 100 page book just bacause Chetan came on the sets and told you that your script is so different there is no point reading it.

To my mind it is clear that who are the 3 idiots.I leave to you to decide yours.


13 comments on “3 idiots – Aamir,Vinod and TOI

  1. Avanish says:

    When the contract between the Producer and the author states the below, I do not see Mr. Bhagat getting nosy about not getting enough credit (though he got enough money as part of the contract even before the movie was made!!)
    The contract accords the producer the rights to “…read, refer, interpret, adapt, title, create, and produce the Novel (including its title, theme, story, characters, narration, and any other contents), in any way or manner whatsoever…” in exchange for an “…ex-gratia consideration…”. The contract also makes it obligatory for the producer “to accord credit to the Author in the rolling credits…” Going by the contract, the movie makers seem to have done nothing wrong. And yet, the author seems to be crying ‘foul’. Good Publicity for all and the film. And later everyone apologizes too!!

    • aahang says:

      Ye kya aadha bulb ?? jee haan aisa hi hota hai aur aap jaante tak nahin.The customer is a moron 😦

  2. Ayan Goswami says:

    I feel there are not 3 idiots but 3x idiots as we have again managed to get drawn to such controversies which crop up every now and then and bring about lots of limelight for the involoved parties.Then things die down and we are left pondering what the issue was all about?The involved parties,in the midst of all these,could be found hugging each other and exchanging congratulatory notes on the easy publicity gained.In hindsight,it was a no brainer.3 Idiots benefits from 5 Point Someone till it releases.Then there there is a role reversal.Now,3 Idiots is the moneyspinner. Mr.Chetan Bhagat cannot be left out of the the list of beneficiaries and so it is worthwhile to involve himin the process of milking more money.Begaani shaadi mein Abdullah diwana…dats our acquired right….atleast it seems so.

  3. Somesh says:

    guess its a case of success having many fathers…seeing it from producers point of view, they had a contract where it was clearly stated the credit will be provided in rolling titles..now that the movie is successful, chetan bhagat feels that he has not been given due credit…perhaps while signing the contract, he did not have enuf confidence on rajkumar hirani or his own book to bargain for upfront credit…and now he wants his share of the pie…while the producers, having fulfilled their contractual obligations, do not want to share it..

  4. Amogh says:

    well said man!..Chetan Bhagat deserves some credits..even though the movie is not a total adaption of his book..and most of the extra masala added is not that creative and even a person on the street could have added that stuff..

  5. From a neutral perspective, Chetan doesn’t have a case as per legal agreement, though producers could have been fair to him.

    Also it looks like a masterminded controversy to trigger sales- everyone who watches movie will go and buy a book and everyone who reads book will go and watch movie.. double benefits and sales. 🙂

  6. Nikki says:

    The lesser said about the controversy the better.. I firmly feel that due credit has to be given to Chetan Bhagat.. I have read his books and I find a lot of similarity.. Just changing few scenes does not make it original.. But then newspapers like TOI and other national dailies normally take the sides of the so-called more powerful people.. Guess they are ones who give them the bytes and quotes..

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