Rewarding Underperformance

Looking at the tax structure our government has it struck me that somehow it rewards under performance.

In every other scheme the incentives increase as you get closer to the target or exceed it but its reverse logic when it comes to taxes.

The more money you make the more tax you pay is logical but I do not understand the logic behind increasing the rate of taxation – It simply means that the government wants us to work less, remain unskilled, be complacent and do everything else which is demeaning and unproductive so that we enjoy the lowest rate in the tax slabs.

It defeats me completely.If I were the finance minister I would start at 30% and go down to as little as 10 % so more and more people pay up taxes honestly,more white money flows into the market and more and more people work harder and pick up the best skills so they can enjoy the fruits of labor.

May be this is the single step by which we can ensure double digit growth and foster a performance linked ,business oriented work culture in a country which thrives on honesty and hard work.



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