What’ your suggested epitaph ?

Mine will be – AT LAST if I die in  foreign land.

and it will be अब आगे…. if I die in India

The reason for this change is that I will look forward the end in a foreign land and in India I will look forward to be reborn.

and I want it to be written in Hindi because I do not want the Indian angels to waste their time in getting my message to them translated.

If you want to suggest your epitaph please comment and I will post it.

some ideas –

Oh no not again

Excuse the dirt please

Going down.Wanna Come along ?

I was looking for you Dear.

I’m here…. you fool !!

If you can read this then you are too close

Dead and buried.Finally.

In God’s own country….

Can we switch places please ?

Who’s behind you ?


One comment on “What’ your suggested epitaph ?

  1. Ayan says:

    Technically(read realistically),I won’t be Buried n hence I wouldn’t care much for d Epitaph.But if at all I end up in a Grave den my Epitaph should read “I have had enuf of words all my life…Keep d space clean”!!!!!

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