Being straight and not straightened

Here is something I found on You tube.

I do not subscribe to the views expressed in the video and this is being put up by me just for the sake of reference as many others I have interacted with have similar notions.

Personally,whenever I have tried to explore Islam , I have found it to be a very repressive philosophy -arcane in its expression and orthodox in its approach.Going through the verses of Quran , it feels like you are going through a manual of Do’s and Dont’s  which tells you how to act in times of strife.It seems quite opposed to my idea of a religion.

Even though what Churchill says is not free from his own prejudices , his point about Islam being more of a cult rather than a religion as it does not allow self exploration and inquiry strikes a chord in an interesting way. Hinduism and Budhhism both give a lot of emphasis on looking inward and challenging yourself to find the truth in you.Islam on the other hand offers a philosophy in which others and their view of you seems to be central to your existence.I am really aghast sometimes the way women and their freedom is dealt with.Are they not children of the same God??

As a Hindu religion is personal to me and I find it hard to subscribe to a point of view which forces discipline on others around you while discouraging knowledge of your own self.

I believe in Being straight and not straightened as Marcus Aurelius has said.

I am reading more to understand one thing – if a billion people believe in Islam so ardently ,there has to be more to it than what I know. Coming from a very tolerant Hindu background I find the ways of Islam quite bitter and aggressive but then I find myself being drawn to Sufism time and again.

A word of Caution on Churchill’s speech: We must remember that it’s the same Churchill who uttered all kinds of statements about India and Hindus , Brahmins in particular.Here’s what noted Historian Ramachandra Guha writes in the Hindu :

And being a drunkard and a womanizer himself it is understandable that he found the tenets of Islam particularly annoying.

Anyway being honest to the spirit of inquiry is what will finally  remove all doubts – for or against and that’s exactly what my pursuit is going to be.