Bar girls bar bar on TOI

To day was the third time when The Bangalore Mirror screamed in boldest possible headlines about the Bar girls as if it was the most important matter to be aware of by the people of Karnataka.Mr. Yedurappa was also made to look like a ‘partner in crime’ who is not letting the honorable police commissioner do his job of eradicating the menace of Bar girls from Bangalore.

On all three Occasion though I could not make out why the hell it is such an important thing for all educated people in this IT mecca to do a wardrobe analysis of someone who they have nothing to do with.

I have written time and again that all birdbrained undereducated voyeurs have become journalist and the Times of India has reaffirmed my belief once more. If there is anyone running naked on the streets in this country it is the media.Shameless fools !

Coming back to the the subject of bar girls and their dress sense I remember a couplet often quoted by chote bhaiyya Amar Sing ji :

हम आह भी भरते हैं तो  हो  जाते  हैं  बद्नाम ,वो  क़त्ल भी करते हैं तो  चर्चा नही होता

To connect you quickly to the context I will share with you some amazing lines of creativity being hyped by the same slimy media which is perhaps paid to promote Indian culture in its own twisted format.The lines are from the ‘hot’ number from Dabang :

मुन्नी  बद्नाम  हुई डार्लिंग  तेरे लिये ,मैं झंडू  बाम हुई डर्लिंग  तेरे लिये

After the Invocation of Lord Shiva by Goswami Tulsidas at the beginning of Ramayana this the most pious assortment of words and sounds put together in recent history.If you hear it in solace and meditate upon the oomph that the singer one Ms.Mamta has managed you will certainly be able to find the Aum in it somewhere.if not you can call your local RJ’s who have been promoting this song as  the Gospel from St.Peters.

Let’s have a look at the utterly decent attire worn by the epitome of Indian tradition Ms Malaika Arora too.She has been setting new and higher standards for the generations to come with each passing day.No wonder family after family is paying visit to the Holy shrines at PVR Kala Mandir, Masjid e I max and so on.What hypocrites we are !!

There was one comment by a ‘harassed’ resident of Eijpura ( where the Nuisance has raised its ugly head – pun intended) that was particularly interesting . It said something like this ” I am not trying to be Moral Police but when ever I come out I am disturbed by these girls boarding their transport in revealing clothes” I wanted to ask the guy How come your timings match and you are some how out in the balcony making sure that you get disturbed every morning or evening.I have not seen my next door neighbor since the last one month.

On a serious note I have some Questions :

1.If we are OK with women wearing scintillating clothes while performing in reality show events, cine award functions , on the screen and even for Garbha and Durga Puja events why do we maintain double standards for someone trying to make living by entertaining in a legal bar that allows women the right to work there.They are not running naked as far as I can make out from the pictures.

2.Why the Police commisioner instead of promising safety and security to these ‘legal’ workers keeps pushing for somehow getting them marginalised.

3.Has the Government, social organizations and media ever thought about alternate employment opportunities being created so the poor girls do not have to indulge in activities which are not exactly above board.

4.If the US can have Hooters and other restaurant formats where even families come and have a good time why can’t we look at a business model that uses the entertainment quotient of the Bar girls as the USP.

5.I am sure that not only the Bar girls but even the staff members of these Bars would be frustrated at constantly being looked down upon by the society and they are not doing what they are doing out of choice but out of some compulsion. It could be anything ailing parents to be supported , Kids school fee and food or even getting that patch of land out of the clutches of the village money lender.Who knows ?

कुछ तो मजबूरियां रही होंगी , यूं   कोई  बेवफा  नहीं होता

When hunger strikes one cannot but pick up the crumbs of food thrown in the dust bin.We are lucky to have been given an opportunity by God to be working in so called decent and respectable professions but end of the day – हम सब अपना फन  बज़ार में बेच रहे हैं और दूर है  अपने मासूम बचपन से  जहां  बाप का साया रोटी की गारंटी था और मां के आंचल में छुप कर परियां  सपनों मे आती  थीं. We deal with the same insecurities albeit in a different shade and environment.

Have a heart folks. It’s very easy to condemn someone and label them as the scum of society but it takes a heart of gold to stand by them and make sure that they get their share of human dignity which all of us deserve and crave for.

My advice to Times of India : Please stop sensationalizing someone else’s life if you cannot keep up to your promise of being the fourth pillar of Democracy and report something useful and worthy.


2 comments on “Bar girls bar bar on TOI

  1. Avanish says:

    i completely agree with you that media today is totally sensational and has to just fill up pages or the ‘hours’ in electronic media.

    And TOI, of all papers, everyday, they have ‘ grafitti’ photo on the last page with hardly anyting covering the young ladies or in their supplements which will be of news value. Why are they attracting all the voyeurs with these cheap photos. And what does the gentleman who comments on the dresses of the bar girls at the bus stop, do with the newspaper, turns to the last page first!!! hypocrites!!

    • aahang says:

      News has become so cheap , it’s a waste to talk about it.I have found that passionate bloggers are a much better and motivated set and their motivation fortunately is not money.

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