The Atlas will Shrug and there will be trouble…

I was on a flight from Phledelphia to Atlanta when the story of widespread corruption at CWG first broke out.I was reading the in flight copy of Wall street journal which carried the story of horrendous misadventure of Kalmadi and sons.Needless to say I was aghast at the contents of the story but what was more disturbing was the fact that I felt as If all passengers in the flight were sneering at me and saying ” India is a super power and a developing country.Ha! Ha ! Ha!

I really felt ashamed for being an Indian for an act of sheer betrayal committed by my fellow beings.India has failed as a state long time before the CWG happened.This is just a symptom , the cancer has already eaten half the country.Today India is divided very clearly into the have’s and have not’s.The Have’s are the ones who have showed to the government that it is not required and they will continue to flourish with or without it.They have private electricity, private water, private security, private Schools, Foreign holidays, Private places of worship and basically live like aliens in India.Just like you pay ‘hafta’ to the local mafia they shell out the 30 % Tax once in a year so the government and its dogs stay away.They are so agnostic and indifferent that 90 % of them do not even bother to vote.

The trouble is with the ‘other’ India which is supposed to be taken care of by the largess from their rich half brothers.The loot begins as soon as the moolah is in staring at the top of the pyramid.By the time it reaches the bottom just 10 % is left out as per statistics conjured up by none other than Prince Rahul Gandhi.

The Naxalite movement which has spread in half of the country is nothing but a struggle to reclaim natural resources from the Government which has snatched away the right to live ‘naturally’ and has given nothing back. The Naxals with their own organizational issues are widely supported by the people as they represent a cause – why should we bother about the government, its rules and policies when the Government has not bothered about about since freedom.The officials only come back when they are given order to plunder and almost never to keep the promises of their masters.One half of the country on the North east to the south is on the verge of anarchy.

It will be disastrous if the other half from north west to south realizes that we fund our own existence anyways after paying a third to a government that is non existent. Why should we do that ?? Why not upgrade from private security to a private army and break loose from the Indian State.It is not going to happen so easily only because the ‘richer’ half has larger personal stakes but it’s only a matter of time when a ‘messiah’ like me shows them the way.Like so many identities being exploited in India of 21st Century – Hindu, Muslim,Kashmiri, Marathi, Telugu, Bodo and so on being ‘affluent’ too is an idea which can bring people together and unite them for a cause.What will give this group an edge will be its superior thought process, stronger networks and access to resources to gather strength in the form of men and machines which will come easily with money.They have build a nation within a nation already….

The Altlas will shrug and there will be trouble.

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